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1. Crochet Lessons have been going well even though i could do with a few more pupils… Below are some examples of the fantastic work the students have done so far…. Very proud teacher indeed…. To get some more people interested in learning to crochet – the best and most cost effective relaxation technique in my biased opinion, i will be doing another demonstration this Saturday, the 23rd of August at the Hobbycraft in Stockport, between 11am-3pm.More information HERE

Come and see if you need any help with any projects…. I have decided to connect this demo with another projects i am involved in, which is the bigknit UK, so i will be crocheting hats for smoothies…. Pleased with the way the pattern is turning out so far…. Keep you eyes on FB PAGE for more details as they will be appearing soon….

2. The crochet workshops have also taken off a little more, with a help of few other volunteers we have made some great crochet chain bracelets and headbands with little pre-made flowers attached to them…. crochet works amazingly well when the samples, finished items and old vintage crochet doilies are photocopied, i actually collected a full sketchbook of photocopied crochet flowers as part of my project for university that i have kept all these years and am now starting to use as an actual sketchpad – finally built up the courage to make some marks over the images taken then.

Because they are very textured but most are flat, the photocopier picks up the character of the doilies very well and the photocopies can then be used as backgrounds or for colouring into and creating colourful paper mandalas…

Crochet is not just doilies and baby booties and there literally is nothing that cannot be done (from crochet sculpture through freeform crochet to large crochet installations) so it is a very good starter point if you are looking for a new hobby or a fun afternoon with friends….

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