bavarian blanket brought to you by

So, for those who are only meeting my work for the first time in this post, Bavarian Crochet Stitch is a bit of an obsession of mine.  Read the journey of a square becoming a circle HERE and another update on the development HERE.  I am also quite proud of the fact that I have stumbled across my own website searching for a Bavarian Crochet related term, which gave my heart a little flutter of recognition…

Now then, for anyone who may be interested in the final result of my attempt at using the bavarian crochet stitch in a round configuration, to create a large bavarian crochet blanket,


It had all been worth it.  I have indeed created a Bavarian Crochet Round Blanket, and the pattern will be ready just as soon as I can get some time to write and edit and rewrite and reedit and proofread and amend and and and (you get the idea)..  That is if I succeed in reading my own hand writing…  But for now, introducing: Bellamy the Bavarian Blanket:

So, whilst you are waiting for the pattern to become available, why not have a look through my already existing PATTERNs and also, to bring yourself up to speed with the actual real amounts of BAVARIAN CROCHET that have come off my hook, why don’t you visit THIS page or maybe THIS one, whilst I am working on the pattern, so that you can get on with your very own version of Ms Bellamy above….  Other names I have considered for the completed bavarian crochet blanket were Briony and/ or Bernice, one a flowery reference and the other one meaning ‘one who brings victory’ which would be fitting for this project, so if you naming your creations, these are some ideas…


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4 Responses to bavarian blanket brought to you by

  1. Mr Chadwick says:

    You are a crochet genius… Crochet maestro extraordinaire… X

  2. lynne Foy says:

    This looks amazing I wouldn’t know where to start you are so talented considering booking a workshop.

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