bavarian crochet bunting

When i first created a triangle using the Bavarian Crochet Stitch, i have thought of making bunting out of any number of them, so i started the project… I have made them out of bright colours, and contrasting ones just the same, because that was what fitted in with the mood of the day and with the yarn that i had available. You can MAKE YOUR OWN as i have written a pattern for the bunting also.

So if you are intrigued or simply looking for a new fun crochet diy project, GET YOURS HERE.

Bav cro large bunting 625pix

I have then made a smaller sized bunting both in length and size of triangles. This one i have made in blue, red and white, in union jack colours, for which you can purchase the pattern HERE or HERE

Bav Cro Small bunting 625pix (2)

To go with the patterns, i have filmed a selection of short videos that explain each different variation of the bavarian crochet stitch and which also show you how i change colour when working with this particular stitch. Let me know how you found these, but as a rule of thumb, please pay attention more to what i am doing, rather than what i am saying in these, as i do sometimes get my words muddled up… 🙂


In the process of making the bunting another idea sprung to mind – to create a Merkaba star which is also called Stellated Octahedron. As it happened i have actually finished the Crochet Stellated Octahedron before i crochet the pieces together into the bunting above.

You can also see a video of the two interlocked tetrahedron made of Bavarian Crochet Triangles here. Alternatively watch below for the same short video:

collage_20131027181456189_20131027181657637edit 625pixHope you had fun reading about my creative processes and watching the videos. 🙂




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