star wars affairs

I consider myself a Star Wars fan and therefore after considering a Star Wars themed wedding (which we decided against for various reasons) the idea of a SW themed party had resurfaced when planning my birthday party.

Since it was a slightly important one, the opportunity presented itself. I have originally ordered the costume online (I know, how lazy?!)…

Then the awaited purchase arrived and it was way too short and frankly, unimpressive.

Needs must and so Plan B sprang into action. I did a bit of research and planning and then one Sunny Sunday I spent a productive day with the sewing machine. I was understandably proud of my achievement and would like to therefore share a photo of my costume here…

If you would like any more information, or would like to talk about commissioning a costume, please contact me HERE  to discuss your ideas about your ideal star wars costume…

Oh and also WATCH THIS SPACE for some Star Wars inspired toys!




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