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I have had a few requests recently about a locally run lovely and friendly crochet club/ crochet and knitting group.  I have decided to put the information here, so it is easier for you all to find, and get crocheting/ knitting/ socializing as soon as you can, because as we all know, i am rubbish at answering emails in a timely fashion……

There is currently a weekly mixed knitting/ crochet group held at the local Tesco community room.   If you are looking for a similar group locally, this is their FACEBOOK GROUP which you should be able to see/ request to join by clicking HERE.  i cannot make it very often at the moment because of my other work commitments but i am sure any new member/ enthusiast will be welcome in good crafty spirit and a cup of hot beverage is always offered….. If you need any more information or if you would like any more information, CONTACT ME but bear in mind the above statement about replying to requests in timely fashion…..

Most times they meet on Wednesdays evenings, however there are some exceptions when the group takes place on a Friday evening.  Please contact ME or the GROUP for more details.

Hope this helps.  Take care and hopefully meet those of you who make it there at some point at the group gathering… 🙂

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