Fancy learning a new skill? Does your house need new accessories? Have you got some old bits of leftover wool lying about? Is your friend/relative having a baby and you can’t find a gift special enough? Want to give hand-made gifts but unsure where to start? Do you find it difficult to relax? Always on the go? Want a new hobby?

GET INVOLVED with The Creative Hooks extensive range of crochet lessons and fun ideas to spend your afternoons creatively!! Crochet Lessons can come to you, at the convenience of your home, or you can come to The Creative Hook to get your fill…

The creative Hook Offers an extensive range of crochet lessons. From Beginners to advanced, you can learn to crochet in your own time. Below is the general availability for private tuition, and also the current schedule of lessons and venues….

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Even though the main focus is on crochet lessons, there are other tutorials available, and workshops have been facilitated across a wide range of media. Crochet is the perfect hobby because it is portable, and relatively inexpensive…. You only need a hook and some yarn and you are away….

The Creative Hook crochet lessons teach you basis of most of the commonly used crochet stitches and provide a practice of a variety of technique including amigurumi, toy making, circular crochet, spiral crochet, colour change, granny squares assembly techniques and making crochet flowers, as well as reading and understanding a crochet pattern. Most of the lessons and tutorials offered work with a pattern always and guidance is always provided with transforming the pattern into the finished piece.

Every lesson is catered to individual needs also, and emphasis is put on making sure each pupil gets the best out of the lesson.

A selection of TUTORIALS and PATTERNS can be accessed online for further development of ideas.

Skills required for individual lessons cover any level from the very beginner to a skilled crocheter who just needs some assistance on a specific issue or a complicated pattern.

Crochet is so much fun and it is so versatile and calming in its repetitiveness, that on top of the affordability of the craft, it is THE PERFECT HOBBY!!! So no more hesitation, BOOK YOURSELF A LESSON HERE!!!

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