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zealous zephyr

Last time I felt compelled to write a blog post, it was summer time, the weather was warm and crochet blankets were the perfect cover for those chilly evenings.. My giant crochet blankets have just been taken for a trip to the beach, and have returned safely and been washed and put away.  I have been working on all sorts of creative crochet projects between then and now, as well as working out ideas for how to explain to you all, what my crochet work is about and how i want to tell each individual project’s story: the significance … Continue reading

venerated vocations

Do knitters crochet and do crocheters knit? i can really only speak for one crocheter, and let you make your own mind up. But, let me assure you, contrary to some opinion: THEY ARE NOT THE SAME THING!!! I have recently attended a talk by the amazing writer and knitter.  Read my three things to remember HERE.  My arts health interest was expanded to include not only mindful crochet, which I have been doing for myself for even before I have started sharing this with you here, but also mindful knitting. I do also knit, and I have … Continue reading

all shapes and sizes

With Winter approaching – even though October and some of November have been quite mild this year – HATS are the word!! The Innocent big knit is now being prepared, my hats have gone a little while ago and will hopefully make the person who gets to own them smile… Age UK are doing a great job and it seems like there has been a few people getting involved this year again, knitting and crocheting hats for a great cause. And once the bottle of smoothie has been drunk, the size of the hats are brilliant for boiled eggs…. … Continue reading


Crochet is fun. For me. And for others. So is Art. Art heals. Art helps. Art is important in many ways. Art and creativity have a role in our health. The benefits of crochet for me are discussed monthly in my BLOG: from relaxation brought on by a simple repetitive action, through making simple and easy decisions, to finishing something we can be proud of, and give to others. My Crochet WORKSHOPS page tells you all about my journey with crochet. You can also find some fabulous book recommendations for books that concern themselves with the science of the … Continue reading

Bigknit 2014

The big knit which is a collaboration between Age UK and Innocent Smoothie companies asks people to contribute hats knitted or crochet to fit on smoothie bottles which are going to be sold later on, once all the contributions have been made. This project is there to raise money for age UK so they can look after the elderly and make sure they are warm enough in the winter months. Since the older generation have lot to teach us, this project is a great one to get involved in. And since a lot of crocheters and knitters are of … Continue reading


In my work but also in my everyday life there are things that are easily understood, processed and resolved. There is no need to go back to those questions, as the actions administered to deal with them are sufficient to deem them no longer needing attention. However, there are also matters and topics that are not as easily understood and worked out and we keep returning back to these at different times to consider them again, only to possibly leave them alone a little longer before we are fully equipped to understand. The points of interest that i always … Continue reading


Crochet is a craft known and loved by many. Sometimes, it may seem to disappear from the online world of social media/ fashion but it periodically makes its way back in. It is the only textile craft that cannot be automated, because of the complexity and variation of stitches, it always needs a human presence. And so the crochet skill lives on, new generations wanting to learn and master it again and again… Social media HERE as well as online world HERE is full of examples! There is some evidence which confirms what those engaged in this ancient craft … Continue reading