In my work but also in my everyday life there are things that are easily understood, processed and resolved. There is no need to go back to those questions, as the actions administered to deal with them are sufficient to deem them no longer needing attention.

However, there are also matters and topics that are not as easily understood and worked out and we keep returning back to these at different times to consider them again, only to possibly leave them alone a little longer before we are fully equipped to understand.

The points of interest that i always seem to be going back to, to try and get some more understanding of the general ideas and ideals are WOMEN. Our role and place in society, who we are as women personally and where does that fit into the bigger picture, who we are as artists, and how does the fact of being a woman influence our art work, craft and particularly women’s crafts in the modern world and art world, craft and it’s influence on well being in general, growing up as a woman in today’s world, women and their cycle and how to work with it to get optimum results, general well being of women and well being of women who use craft for relaxation as well as for its many health benefits….

If you are interested in any of the above issues, or are following similar thinking paths, i have decided to list some of the books that have helped me on this dedicated RESOURCES page. I have been recommended many by friends and family members, some i have found quite by chance in local charity shops…

I will try and give you a little more information on the ones I have already read below, on the others, i will simply hope that they may be of use to you. If you know about anything relevant, do not hesitate to contact me, i will be more than happy to share what i have discovered so far, and maybe listen to what you have discovered yourselves…

Happy Reading!!

Louise Hay – Empowering Women:

This book is great and Louise Hay has an extensive range of books about self-development and positive thinking which are not only aimed at women, so if you are interested, she is definitely one to look into.. Empowering Women is a brilliant book that about covers all parts of women’s lives and gives you great affirmations to start yourself off with, which you can develop and customize to your particular needs. It is one you will hopefully be coming back to to check things again and again, and it helped me greatly along the way… Read also the list of affirmations for each particular ache HERE.

Miranda Gray – The Optimised Woman:

Menstrual Cycle is still something that is very much a hush hush kind of subject, so it is very refreshing to find someone that can help you use all you are and all that your cycle offers you in a positive and constructive way. It is not an excuse, it is a gift and if used right can unlock a great potential. Just knowing what to expect is half of the struggle and the more we learn about how our mind, body and soul works and connect, the more we can use this connection to our advantage and recognize the signs…. We have all had the feeling when we felt irritated, as if out of the blue, and then looked in the calendar and it all made sense, right? Also find out more about Miranda’s other great and inspiring works HERE.

Kathryn Vercillo – Crochet Saved My life:

This book by Kathryn Vercillo is very much the best book for looking into how crochet works and what benefits we get using the technique when dealing with mental illness. The book is full of stories for a wide variety of people which help illustrate on each individual’s journey, how crochet and the act of crafting and creating something with simple yarn helped them with various obstacles.

These three are the main three that have meant a lot to me, they cover a variety of the interests mentioned above, and so i will leave it at that. There are three more books referenced above, which are also highly recommended and if you would like to know more about any of them, check out their respective amazon links, where you will be able to read more reviews…


If Crochet as a tool in health is a concern for you and you would like to organize and ART’s HEALTH Workshop with The Creative Hook you can find all the relevant information HERE and i will be glad to oblige.


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