jovial jockeys

Toys for boys. That was my prime directive for this kind and considerate request, and it is the story about how they came to be that i would like to tell you today. I do not fully agree that there is such a natural distinction… What i mean is, i am not convinced there is such a thing as innately boy’s toys and innately girl’s toys. I do not have children, so i cannot comment from experience of bringing up a little person of either gender, but i secretly hope that it is culturally enforced and reinforced into our … Continue reading

existential entities

I got a little disillusioned with the whole website business thing few years back. My website was built really well initially, then nothing was updated for ages.. Years even. I even stopped crocheting for a little while, as it became painfully stressful, and i became unable to craft for some time. Slowly, however, eventually, i got back to crochet, and slowly i’ve started recording more and more blog posts. The more i write, the more i seem to know what my work actually is, and these realisations lead me to restructure THE WHOLE website to reflect this. I’ve shaken … Continue reading

crochet bears

Ever since I was little, like so many children I have loved teddy bears. When I started getting involved with craft and once my elders trusted me with a needle, I have copied a pattern from a favourite teddy of my sisters and made number of different coloured bears for presents… They were miniature bears made from faux fur, and i still remember how much fun i had making them. I was about 12 then, and here I am at nearly 20 years later, still thinking about making teddy bears. The process has changed, but the comfort of a … Continue reading