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One of my lovely friends calls my work “missioni”. To start with, i took no notice. Then she said it again when i was showing off some crochet project or another. So then, consequently, i looked. As it turns out, she is not wrong… See HERE, MISSONI is an Italian fashion brand.

And even more consequently, HE has already looked into it as a reference to HIS work. So you know, we can see the parallels deepen between my crochet and his glass. As is mentioned in previous blog posts HERE, THERE and EVERYWHERE.

She said to me earlier this year:

“Can i order a blanket ala ‘missoni’ please?”

So we agreed a price, and i asked for styles and colours. She initially pointed out my flower blanket as the one she liked the most.

This one HERE:

The making process

There was some negotiation in terms of colours. This lead to me slowly starting a plan of action. She likes sea colours. “The colours of the sea are calming”. I had a look through my stashes and subsequently chose the colour scheme. After i looked online and planned what colours work with what i already had. My keen interest to start helped me plan. I felt honoured to embark on the project, subsequently i progressed quickly.

Firstly, i made flowers.

Secondly i made those flowers into squares

Thirdly i completed the centre square to build around

Then i collected these all together – this was a little bit of a tricky part to make sure they fitted. I had to definitely involve some maths..

After that, kaleidoscope granny square edges were added to the blanket.

Next step, a final row of unifying stitched

And last but definitely not least, a lacy edge to finish the blanket off.

Thank you for reading!


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