Crochet is a craft known and loved by many. Sometimes, it may seem to disappear from the online world of social media/ fashion but it periodically makes its way back in.

It is the only textile craft that cannot be automated, because of the complexity and variation of stitches, it always needs a human presence.

And so the crochet skill lives on, new generations wanting to learn and master it again and again… Social media HERE as well as online world HERE is full of examples!

There is some evidence which confirms what those engaged in this ancient craft have felt intuitively since it was discovered. Crochet is GOOD for YOU! The few resources I have found so far, by Kathryn Vercillo (HERE) directly connecting crochet and health can be found HERE and HERE.

You can find other resources looking into how Knititation (a portmanteau of knitting and meditation used by James McIntosh) is a thing HERE, and Betsan Corkhill is another author mainly looking into the benefits of knitting (similar perhaps, but NOT the same as crochet) for us humans HERE.

Over the years i have taught a few people to crochet: both as a hobby and as a technique to manage various parts of their mental health. I have also run other tactile arts and crafts workshops and have been involved in some amazing projects showcased below:

Continue on to read my own crochet origins story:

Crochet Origin Story

Ever since graduating BA Visual Arts in 2008 i have been unsure where to take my art degree and how to use it and integrate it into my everyday life. I crocheted myself through my course drawing on my family connections through the craft and translating these into all sorts of installations and projects, which you can find referenced in my ARTIST STATEMENT and also in ARCHIVE WORK.

Early beginnings

It was my grandmother who originally taught me to crochet flowers when i was about 8 or 9. I remember making a bunch of white cotton flowers, which i enjoyed making. My Nan was more of a doily maker rather than crochet granny square blanket type, and i wasn’t able to follow in her footsteps and develop the flowers i made into anything further then.

I have knitted a lot more as a child, things like hats and scarves and clothes for dolls. Knitting has always felt very restrictive to me, and therefore any feeble attempts at making a full size person’s jumper ended up unfinished, stashed away somewhere together with the wool. Together with my crochet and knitting skill development.

Renewed Interest

Whilst at university, crochet came back to me as a way of being creative, mostly because it was so portable, and also because i could totally lose myself in the process at home, in my own space and time…

After finishing my Visual Arts Degree and whilst considering all the possibilities, i found that i could never leave crochet alone for too long.

I have explored many creative avenues, but the one thing which was constant in my creative endeavors over the years was crochet: a crochet blanket for a present here, a crochet teddy bear for a keep sake there, it really didn’t matter what i was making or whether i had a recipient in mind at the start of the creative crochet project, as long as i kept going..

  • It was the repetition which brought on relaxation and helped immensely to occupy my hands with something to do so i can free my mind and relax.
  • It helped me deal with anything that may have been challenging.
  • It also gave me a sense of achievement that only a creative process can give.

Knowing and realizing all this from my own experience and increasingly finding information and stories about other people with similar experiences, it is this feeling of relaxation and relief that i cherished and would like to share with others…


So, if you fancy trying a new relaxation technique, work with people who could benefit from some crochet magic or if you are interested in sharing your experiences with crochet please do not hesitate to GET INVOLVED.

Feel free to share your own comments and stories of your own crochet STORIES.

I am fully DBS checked and offer workshops in South Manchester and Trafford Area. Please CONTACT ME for details of workshops i can offer, or check my crochet BLOG for more information on what is/ has been happening for the foreseeable future/ recent past….


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