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In the beginning there was yarn… Let me elaborate on that: In the beginning (of any one of my crochet endeavours) there is yarn. Yarn that consequently leads to colours. Colours that furthermore lead to ideas. Ideas that eventually lead to finished crochet creations.

As above, today’s post started with a gift. In particular, Christmas Holidays 2019. You know, before we knew about disease control measures we have all had to find out about and integrate into our lives since… That Christmas, we visited my family. It is true, my mum have always been an avid knitter. A creative person. Incidentally, our whole family is. However, for some time, she has not been finding knitting as big a part of her life as when we were kids.

Until i was a teenager, never have i ever had to buy a warm woolly jumper, because, my mum made us so many.

So that Christmas, she asked me if i wanted some of her wool. Of course, I will have a look… So we looked. I very much use mostly DK polyester yarn. It is easier to wash. Shrinks less. It is the most predictable to care for well. Exactly the type of yarn that lasts longer. I hereby confess, my laundry behaviours are not always the most reliable.

In spite of this, i had a look at the beautiful wool. Yarn is always irresistible, and never to be say no to! At the very least a look doesn’t hurt.

Unexpected Finding

My other obvious criterium was the weight. Fitting it in my suitcase for the journey back. And that is how i discovered Mohair is Brilliant! Mohair wool is light. It is soft. And above all, it warms you up when you wear it!

I knew all this already, i suppose. I knew it in theory. In practice, because i like a bargain, in other words, i buy the best of soft and cheap wool. I have never before tried mohair yarn. I love it, of course now. And granted, will definitely consider it in the future. I will have to buy it in person, though, my online mohair purchasing has not been so successful so far…

Originally i was planning to use it for CREATURES. Since i made my RED and YELLOW jumper, i immediately wanted another mohair jumper!


See HERE to find the kaleidoscope square granny tutorial, in one of my previous blog posts. But because i am that kind of person, let’s have it also below again, as a handy YouTube link. After all, it is worth bringing to your attention, as i have seemingly absolutely fallen in love with it! Now that i have figured out the logistics… I use it often and again and then some more!


I made one for me. Then i was asked – consequently, exactly two years later, for Christmas 2021, to make one for one of my nieces. So i did. And it turned out soooo cute! I had to make two more for the other two nieces!

Keep your eyes peeled for the pattern for this, it is in the making. Pattern writing is just such a bore for me, such a tremendous chore, i avoid it as much as i can!

Actually, are there any pattern writers – who love writing crochet patterns, who would like to do a collaboration on this?

Thank You for reading!


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