brainy bears

Bears are a big part of my work, and one of the few things that i do collect.  Suppose similarly to my love of blankets, whether crochet or otherwise, bears have something about them that communicates comfort and safety. 

I myself has mostly used amigurumi crochet technique (explained in more detail below) to create and perfect a shape for crochet bears and if making a crochet teddy bear is something you are interested in please check out CROCHET BEARS post, where i introduced the first three.  There you can find links to patterns on how to make them, current range and a little bit of information about each bear.

You can also find more posts in my BLOG by selecting the CREATURES category HERE. You can get the pattern that was originally written for Billy, the green and orange bear HERE from my RAVELRY store.

beauteous beasts

Amigurumi crochet is a great fun technique which uses a simple double crochet stitch (UK crochet terminology), increasing and decreasing with the same stitch, working it in a spiral/ endless circular configuration. 

This creates sculptural shapes, which are created in shapes to resemble animals, people, cartoon characters, mythical monsters or anything else you can imagine.  Any beauty or beast, any being you can think of, if you can imagine it, you can crochet it.  You may be able to find a pattern online, but if you get the basic shaping, you may just be able to make up your own characters!

You can purchase the pattern for Stewie Griffin on either RAVELRY.

The actual character of Stewie is however not for sale, as he has a pride place in our house, amongst other carefully collected pieces. 🙂

You can find more CREATURES related news and posts by searching my BLOG and the relevant category HERE.

There have been different types of creatures made in the past, and just in case you are still reading, and in case you fancy having a further exploration of my creations, please check out my ARCHIVE WORK, or click on the image below to see the memory teddy bears or MEMTEDS that i have made in the past, and CONTACT ME if you wish me to make one for yourself or a loved one.


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