When first worked with wadding – creating STAR WARS COSTUME – an idea instantly came to mind. Why not use the same technique for creating fabric and wadding teddy bears….

However, i felt a little bit of time was needed to explore the idea, think, draw, design and let the final shape of them mature….

After my first attempt Shaggy the Shabby bear was born and some technical difficulties presented themselves. I decided not to give up and slowly – bear by bear – i have ironed these minor setbacks out – quite literally….. 🙂

Once i was happy with the way these needed to be assembled, i have organized all my available stash of fabrics and cut and sewn some more, till i had a whole family of teddy bears… The family grew yet again and became an army….

An Army of teddy bears with their own unique names and characteristics.

I have made most of them from fabrics that have been recycled in one way or another, old curtains that no one liked and went out of fashion, shirts that i never wore anymore but did not want to throw out, table cloth that was grandma’s but did not fit into our kitchen…

Because some of them have been made as memory teddies from all the memories and resources available to me, the idea of MemTeds has been born…

If you like the thought of up-cycling your children’s baby clothes which they have positively grown out of but you are reluctant to get rid of them just yet, if you have your grandma’s favourite table cloth hidden in the cupboard somewhere or if you have a cushion cover which was the best one ever till you changed your decor, CONTACT ME and i will be glad to make a special MemTed for you too….

The first Memory Teddies i have made deserve a special mention here. I was asked to make some for a friend whose uncle had recently passed and she liked the idea of having one made from the clothes of a loved one who is no longer with us. In fact, when i mentioned making them from baby’s clothes she suggested this to me straight away, which was a few months prior, and i have been playing around with the idea, but never actually pursued it properly. They turned out well and both have now found a loving home.. There is a pocket on the back of one of the beauties… Can you tell which one? 🙂


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