nautical noel

So, we have made it to December 2020. This month i would like to concentrate on the good this year has brought. There had been a lot of hopeless moments in 2020, for sure. The year 2020 shall be remembered as … dramatic pause … We will see how it is remembered, i cannot possibly predict that, that is for future generations and future historians to determine. Intense? Tense? In a word that has been a lot by the media to describe events: Unprecedented. Today’s post, however, is not going to be concerned too much with the disasters that … Continue reading

arc alliance

…when you cannot see forward, to see clearly where you are going; look back at how far you have come… Suppose I should listen to the things I say to others- listen to my own advice sometimes… I have managed a to submit two pieces of work into the exhibition currently (May 2018) at Arts for Recovery in the Community (Arc) in Reddish, where I have been part of the volunteer team few years back, which made me somewhat reflective. My memory crochet blanket (LOOK) is displayed so that the tactile quality comes across really well and apparently visitors … Continue reading

bavarian blanket brought to you by

So, for those who are only meeting my work for the first time in this post, Bavarian Crochet Stitch is a bit of an obsession of mine.  Read the journey of a square becoming a circle HERE and another update on the development HERE.  I am also quite proud of the fact that I have stumbled across my own website searching for a Bavarian Crochet related term, which gave my heart a little flutter of recognition… Now then, for anyone who may be interested in the final result of my attempt at using the bavarian crochet stitch in a … Continue reading

start the day right

A little thing could make all the difference!  Start the day right.  I have recently felt how true this could be.  I have had the repair of my favourite handbag in my TO DO pile for absolute ages.  I have LOST the second button i have put on, and the strap needed reinforcing.  So on Saturday, i decided to do it, because i was up, sleep was no longer an option for the loudness of my busy mind, and so the sewing machine came out and i decided to do this one thing at least, because, well, why not … Continue reading

all shapes and sizes

With Winter approaching – even though October and some of November have been quite mild this year – HATS are the word!! The Innocent big knit is now being prepared, my hats have gone a little while ago and will hopefully make the person who gets to own them smile… Age UK are doing a great job and it seems like there has been a few people getting involved this year again, knitting and crocheting hats for a great cause. And once the bottle of smoothie has been drunk, the size of the hats are brilliant for boiled eggs…. … Continue reading

i did it!

Some of you will remember my inability to follow patterns without changing and adjusting them – even my own… Others may remember my strange obsession with making any favoured stitch – or at least attempting to – work in a circular configuration… And lastly a select few may remember that the struggle to achieve this has not brought any fruitful results as of yet with the BAVARIAN CROCHET STITCH aka the wool eater, one which has become quite popular recently…… To find out more about where i got to so far read about it HERE…. Well….. Hold on to … Continue reading

crochet, crochet and crochet again

This week has been very productive… I have made a lot of bavarian crochet bunting and finished some crochet flower coasters for a feature that is coming up in the Manchester Craft and Design Centre’s very own QUITE CONTRARY DESIGN offered to do a showcase of some of the creations of The Creative Hook. Nice people that they are… 🙂 All the stock got delivered this week and you will be seeing some lovely photos when all is up and integrated, and once the Quite Contrary’s studio has been buntingfied and flowerfied…. Sneaky peak at the bunting here… Another … Continue reading