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A little thing could make all the difference!  Start the day right.  I have recently felt how true this could be.  I have had the repair of my favourite handbag in my TO DO pile for absolute ages.  I have LOST the second button i have put on, and the strap needed reinforcing.  So on Saturday, i decided to do it, because i was up, sleep was no longer an option for the loudness of my busy mind, and so the sewing machine came out and i decided to do this one thing at least, because, well, why not now?

The day took a brilliant turn from there.  We ended up visiting Black Sheep Wools, which i have heard about so many times but never yet took the opportunity to visit.  I have been looking to get some more wool for my latest wool project, a Bavarian Crochet (WOOL EATER) blanket worked in the ROUND which i have discovered could be done HERE.  After my last considerably colourful crochet contemplation (which still makes me smile, and you can read about the relationship HERE) i decided to try out my theories and make a full size blanket, to realize the extend of my ‘discovery.

So far, i am fairly pleased with my efforts and the workings of the Bavarian crochet stitch (aka wool eater crochet stitch), but of course, the proof will be in the final finished piece, so watch this space.

If it works, and it is as successful as i hope at this current stage in the making, i can see a possibility of workshops to share this technique with all of YOU, Bavarian Crochet/ Wool Eater Enthusiasts/ Obsessesives!


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4 Responses to start the day right

  1. peni says:

    I love this, I so hope it works out and you have a workshop. I simply must have one of these afghans, of course mine will not be wool. I live in Arizona and out in the country but Reg worsted weight yarn, or similar will work for me here. Please keep us updated on this beautiful work of art!!


  2. peni says:

    How are you coming along with this beautiful project?? Anxious for update?

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