barriers breached

braving the barricade – barricaded bravery Usually, I blog when I have some crochet related news.  Today, I have not.  Well, that is not entirely true, I do have a new baby blanket to show cast, but not really, because even though it is finished and ready, it is meant to be a surprise, so broadcasting it here now may kind of lessen the impact of the present received unexpectedly that I am going for.  The person I have made it for, well, two people, both mother and baby, might not read the blog or see the pictures, but … Continue reading

universal unity

Unanimous Understanding  –  Ultimate Uniqueness I have been meaning to write a post about feminism and where my own particular type of crochet wooliness stands in terms of women and equality.  It has not been coming easy…  Still isn’t.  There is too much to talk about and no clear idea of how to put the complexity into punchy blog post…  Today, however, instead of writing nothing because i am not yet sure how, i would like to say to each and every woman: Thank You to all the women in my life, that made me and make my life … Continue reading

ted talks

Teddy Bear Troductions I am not going to be very wordy with this post…  Thanks sis for asking me to make these, it has been a pleasure and a privilege.  I will have to now re-organise the TEDDY BEARS section of this website, so keep an eye on that, for updates…   Back to BLOG

spirited sweater

Short but sweet, this one, but i really DO want to show off this creation: Can everyone please appreciate my modelling moves as well… Well, what can i say – the rationale for making this jumper was to create something rainbow that i can actually wear…  Because i have been looking at Instagram and just generally looking at pictures of crochet and jumpers and thanks to @bohemianstyle_crochet and their Instagram inspiration, i started convincing myself i do indeed need to make myself a jumper out of crochet (considering how much crochet items i make and how much i love … Continue reading

rainbow ramblings

So, another project finished, it is time to share the story of the rainbow blanket.  I cannot remember, and refuse to count, how many times i have seen a chevron crochet blanket in the movies…  It is one that these days appears, do i dare venture an opinion, even more often than the very classic of American crochet, the Granny Square Blanket.  I have seen one in many films and because i have used the chevron stitch before, and liked it, i thought, why not….  so i started, a long-ish while ago. it got to a stage, where it … Continue reading

people power

‘There is strength in numbers’, I have heard someone say on many an occasion…  Being a great believer in individuality, but at the same time questioning TRUE individuality of each and every notion, in my personal views on life, something had made me want to write this post.  Crochet related, of course, this is what has happened in my work… I have famously finished the BAVARIAN CROCHET ROUND BLANKET and you can congratulate me endlessly HERE and wherever else you may wish to do so….  But, this had left me open with a space for the next project….  I … Continue reading

bavarian blanket brought to you by

So, for those who are only meeting my work for the first time in this post, Bavarian Crochet Stitch is a bit of an obsession of mine.  Read the journey of a square becoming a circle HERE and another update on the development HERE.  I am also quite proud of the fact that I have stumbled across my own website searching for a Bavarian Crochet related term, which gave my heart a little flutter of recognition… Now then, for anyone who may be interested in the final result of my attempt at using the bavarian crochet stitch in a … Continue reading

arc alliance

…when you cannot see forward, to see clearly where you are going; look back at how far you have come… Suppose I should listen to the things I say to others- listen to my own advice sometimes… I have managed a to submit two pieces of work into the exhibition currently (May 2018) at Arts for Recovery in the Community (Arc) in Reddish, where I have been part of the volunteer team few years back, which made me somewhat reflective. My memory crochet blanket (LOOK) is displayed so that the tactile quality comes across really well and apparently visitors … Continue reading

start the day right

A little thing could make all the difference!  Start the day right.  I have recently felt how true this could be.  I have had the repair of my favourite handbag in my TO DO pile for absolute ages.  I have LOST the second button i have put on, and the strap needed reinforcing.  So on Saturday, i decided to do it, because i was up, sleep was no longer an option for the loudness of my busy mind, and so the sewing machine came out and i decided to do this one thing at least, because, well, why not … Continue reading

posts that didn’t happen

A little while ago i had an idea to finally connect my samples, trials and favourite patterns into a rainbow rectangular rug.  It started well.  The idea came to me back in June 2015, after seeing a blanket my nan had made for my cousin.  A basic zig-zag pattern, using double crochet stitch.  It was so very intricate and soft and rectangularly shaped and very inspiring. Full of enthusiasm, i started off the next time i had my own yarns and hooks at hand.  it started growing, all was well.  then, somewhere along lines, as it can happen with … Continue reading