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Last time I felt compelled to write a blog post, it was summer time, the weather was warm and crochet blankets were the perfect cover for those chilly evenings.. My giant crochet blankets have just been taken for a trip to the beach, and have returned safely and been washed and put away. 

I have been working on all sorts of creative crochet projects between then and now, as well as working out ideas for how to explain to you all, what my crochet work is about and how i want to tell each individual project’s story: the significance of each part of the process for each of my crochet projects, how each individual idea comes to life and how my life is translated into the knots I put into my colourful crochet creations… 

All this reflection is to be included in a crochet blog post very soon. As soon as the most recent giant blanket, currently on the cusp of being finished is born, after enmeshing a lot of hours and thoughts into it.

Now, however, more appropriately for this time of year:

Let’s talk about Hats!

Crochet hats, knitted hats, cotton hats, circular knitted hats and hats i have made inspired by my favourite crochet hat bought a few years ago… You guessed it, winter hats are the jam for this post! December seems to be the perfect time to consider crochet as a medium for making cosy, sparkly, warm and wonderfully wintery rainbow hats!

So, this is how the hat story goes:

I recently realised that I do not like spending time outside when the weather is cold.  All I want to do in the winter is sit inside the house, cosied up, preferably surrounded by wool and softness.  And, for me, this comes with a desire for wearing and making hats.  New hats to be added to the ever growing collection. And of course, donned with pompoms, hats are the main fashion accessory of this season.  I LOVE pompoms, if I have not shared this with you yet, and where better to find a good use for a lovingly made pompom than on the top of a crochet hat! 

In the process of finishing a blanket, I have discovered a new yarn, and a new way of making knitted hats quicker and easier.  I have been converted to circular knitting (knitting in the round). 

I have used so much lovely rainbow yarn this year, in most of my crochet projects, and wanted to see what it would look like knitted into a simple stockinette stitch.  Using up some of the leftovers of my favourite crochet yarn colours, and transforming them into wearable everyday projects has been very rewarding recently.  

Once I discovered glittery rainbow yarn, the hat making machine arrived, giving a good use to my pompom makers too.  The time it took to make one hat seemed to be getting less as i got used to the workings of the crochet pattern and adjustments for each size, and with this new knitting in the round, I can now make hats that fit me and my unruly hair (even if it has been cut shorter for the winter) underneath comfortably and keep my head warm. 

Maybe a new hat aids preparation for the end of the year..  Keep your head warm and cosy so that you can think clearly and re-evaluate the year behind, and perhaps prepare for the year ahead.

2019, then:  It has been full of events and feelings that are impossible to sum up in just this one post.  As a result, with gratitude for the year very nearly behind, maybe let’s just enjoy the present, with our heads warm and our hearts open, and keep going towards the year ahead. 

I, for one, look forward to the unfolding of the stitches in 2020! 

Happy hooking!

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  1. Paula Firth says:

    Such cute creations! I especially like the hats featuring black as it makes the rainbows look even more stunning! You have inspired me to embrace coziness this winter. Might even put down the sewing needle and pick up the knitting needles!

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