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End of October brings Halloween. Start of November brings All Saint’s Day and Guy Fawke’s Night. It also brings Diwali, the festival of lights. But it is not any of these festivals, nor anything crochet related to these i want to talk about today.

I do hope, you have had a lovely celebrations of autumn and winter time approaching.

Today’s story is about a lovely cardigan. And about sharing a pattern. Also of course about autumn cosiness and hot mugs of cocoa by the fireplace. Well, that’s the romantic vision of autumn, at least.

What really happened was this:

One of my colleagues brought in a crochet cardigan she made. She knew i was a crochet person. We have had many a crochet conversations. So one day, she says: look at this i made, thought you would appreciate this.

I tried it on. Very many comments were passed to say it went with my uniform. It does. The colours she chose for her crochet cardigan very extremely complimentary to the colour of my uniform. I wore it for about 30 minutes or so. At the end of this time, i really did not want to give it back. And when i finally did give it back…. I was feeling chilly. It was then i realised:

Winter is indeed coming.

When i got home that day, i asked her for the pattern. See below, she kindly shared it. Thank You. I am so keen at this point, i rummage my yarn collection and choose.

I start, and in a week exactly – i have my own version! It is a great pattern, please share if you decide to make one too:

It was so much fun and such an easy pattern to follow, thank you @Hayhay crochet.

Here is my take on the theme:

Thank You for Reading!


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