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yesterday’s yearnings – yearly yonder The weather in the UK has not been following last year’s anomalous hotness… Am i surprised? Not really. But, when i started thinking about this post a little while ago, it was looking promising, with few days here and there bringing us temperatures warranting light jackets, if any outerwear at all… I nearly put my woolly wonders away, before i realised how perfect they are for this exact time in the year…. Crochet blankets are exactly the perfect spring/ summer outdoorsy attire – for evenings especially in the UK.  Whether you are sitting outside … Continue reading

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xerophilous xyst

I have been working with a lot of previously made small crochet items recently, turning them into large, humongous, oversized, ginormous, gigantic, crochet BLANKETS. It has been a way of using any crochet work that i have made previously, and that has been lying around the work room, in variously neatly organized packages/ bags/ boxes/ drawers… or at least on surface, this has been an exercise of efficiency and recycling. To find a use for items that were originally made to be used as small cloths, various sized crochet bunting triangles or crochet coasters, which will not really get … Continue reading

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wolly warriors

Wondrous Women – Warm Wanderers So, it is finished. It is now time to write the story of another “thoughts-in-knots” blanket which i recently realised are the core of my current creative crochet work. The process of making these free-form crochet blankets helps me considerably when organising my thoughts.. It started with my Nan’s work. I have been given these amazing leaves, pictured below, made by my grandma. The idea together with encouragement for Nan crocheting these maple leaves came from my mum, after having been surrounded by grandma’s crochet work for the majority of both my mum’s and … Continue reading

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Welcome again to my website – The Creative Hook.

I have been hooked on Crochet for a number of years now and you can see the evidence of this in my website’s ARCHIVE pages, where you can find a few carefully selected examples of my work from my years at Salford University, involving a lot of crochet work.  I have finished my Visual Art Degree in 2008, and added my MA Arts Health qualification in 2016.  As part of my Arts Health course i have facilitated a crochet workshop in a mental health setting, with positive results. 

There is a diversity of materials and techniques that interests me in conjunction with crochet, such as costume making, toy making, decorating of everyday objects and generally finding value in creativity.  I find it rewarding and satisfying to be able to not waste materials and ideas 🙂

My creative work is my life translated into hand-crafted items of everyday use.  Any work involving imagination, creativity and certain amount of skill is important, for me personally, but more recently is also being recognised more and more as of value for our well-being as members of the society.  

Imagination has no boundaries and that is why I am hooked on the Creative processes and their impact on wellness.  In particular, however:


Crafting has always been a part of my life, but crochet is the one that i tend to find time and time again, my projects and the struggles that i face working my way through stitches have become a big part of who i am as an artist, and you can read all about them in the BLOG section of this website.

Crochet is a comparatively easy process with many health and well being benefits resulting from it, and i would very much like to spread the word, let everyone know what i have learnt so far…

If you find yourself struggling for a new hobby, would like to be able to find a new way of relaxation or are in the market for some valuable and fulfilling me time, you may as well give CROCHET a go!!!

If you would like to be a part of a crochet and cake afternoon, do not hesitate to contact me HERE and i will be more than happy to help.

Feel free to browse my PATTERNS, and watch some of my VIDEO TUTORIALS to help with the tricky parts of the patterns, if you are an avid crocheter, obsessed by texture and colour, like me…  And please, share your creations at a SOCIAL MEDIA of your choice, i am always happy to see other people’s colour choices and interpretations of my patterns…  And, of course, feel free to contact me to arrange a crochet WORKSHOP

So have fun, thanks for finding my website and do not hesitate to contact me should you have any further queries! 🙂

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