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Ugly arse blanket and how it really ISN’T! To begin with I was ill. Having to isolate. Being cooped up in our spare bedroom. Making sure that i did not infect the rest of the household. Naturally, i had loads of opportunity to do crochet. What i also had alongside this opportunity was a substantial blocked feeling of not wanting the next thing i make connecting with the ill feeling forever and always reminding me of it… Therefore, at this point i am stuck! In more ways than one. Understandably angry. Feeling frustrated and sad and anxious and all … Continue reading

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Welcome to my website: thecreativehook.com

I have been hooked on Crochet for a number of years. You can see some of the evidence of this in my website’s ARCHIVE pages, where you can find a few carefully selected examples of my work from my years at Salford University, involving a lot of crochet work.  I have finished my Visual Art Degree in 2008, and added my MA Arts Health qualification in 2016.  As part of my Arts Health course i have facilitated a crochet workshop in a mental health setting, which was received well and produced some promising feedback. 

There is a diversity of materials and techniques that interests me in conjunction with crochet, such as costume making, toy making, decorating of everyday objects, and finding value and purpose in creativity as part of everyday life.  I find it rewarding and satisfying to be able to not waste materials and ideas 🙂

See some examples of projects i have facilitated over the years in my portfolio video:

My creative work is my life translated into hand-crafted items of everyday use.  Any work involving imagination, creativity and certain amount of skill is important, for me personally.  I also see creativity as vital in terms of well-being, particularly in connection with mental health.

Imagination has no boundaries and that is why I am hooked on the Creative processes and their impact on wellness.  In particular, however:


Crafting has always been a part of my life, but crochet is the one that i tend to find time and time again, my projects and the struggles that i face working my way through stitches have become a big part of who i am as an artist.

You can read all about my work in my BLOG.

Crochet is a comparatively easy process to learn, being quite versatile, and it can bring many health and well being benefits resulting from involvement in this tactile craft. I would very much like to spread the word, let everyone know what i have learnt so far…

If you find yourself struggling for a new hobby, would like to be able to find a new way of relaxation or are in the market for some valuable and fulfilling me time, you may choose to give CROCHET a go!!!

Feel free to browse my PATTERNS, and watch some of my VIDEO TUTORIALS to help with the tricky parts of the patterns. If you are an avid crocheter, obsessed by texture and colour, like me, enjoy sharing my crochet experiences recorder in my crochet blog…  And if you so desire, share your creations at a SOCIAL MEDIA of your choice. I am always happy to see other people’s colour choices and interpretations of my patterns…  And, of course, feel free to contact me to arrange a crochet WORKSHOP

So have fun, thanks for finding my website and do not hesitate to contact me should you have any further queries! 🙂

If you are still here and reading my home page, as a fun crochet reward, watch the video below to see a Stellated Octahedron made out of crochet spinning around. I know, Right?!

And you can read the story of what happened to it afterwards HERE:

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