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Firstly, for this month, for March, i decided to share a different part of my process with you. Maybe you will find it helpful. Maybe you will not.. In any case, whatever the consequence of reading this post, organisation is something that is important to me. I am organized. There: i said it. I am also incredibly messy and lazy some of the other time.

Organising your craft space and all your related resources… I have recently acquired some specifically purchased items to make my life easier as a maker/ crafter…

In general, i like systems. I like efficiency when i work. When things make sense, that is when i can convert creativity ideas into complete objects the easiest. Order out of chaos. Clear boundaries.

This is sometimes quite surprising, even to myself, because as a general rule, i get bored easy. From which we could presume that repetition and rules i am no fan of. Not the case.

It is a natural function of our human brain to make order out of chaos. To find patterns as a result of categorising, organising, cleansing and moving things. Our lateral thinking helps us and connects ideas and areas that may seemingly not have anything to do with each other. Is this always helpful? Perhaps not.

What i do find helpful is to be aware of the bare fact that our brains do this. First time i have come across this psychological revelation was via the work of Clarina Bezzola, HERE.

Unexpected realisation

I am a moody maker, as confessions go. As you may know, I have mentioned this before, and i am nearly very certain that i mentioned it more than once, that i don’t finish project in a linear way of working, at all. Not in the slightest!

How about you? Do you share this part of the making process with me? Are you a moody maker yourself?

How many projects are you working on at any one time?  Do you have different ways to organize your craft space/ area/ store areas depending on the different types of projects you do? I do! Sometimes balls of yarn move between my different bags for different projects, granted, it is a somewhat dynamic process….

Moving ahead

And it is a process that unfortunately does not stay the same for very long either… Firstly, I make giant blankets which you can check out HERE, additionally, i make tiny creatures available for your viewing pleasure HERE, and last but not least, i also make things for me and for others to wear which you can see for yourselves HERE.

For my rainbow blankets, i need specific colours, which i use on small parts of each blanket. As a result of cutting and colour changing for these projects, i need to have them available all the time, in a neatly organized space. I need to also see – from a very practical way of looking at the system – which colours to use next, and which ones i need to buy more of.

I used to buy rainbow yarn, to smooth this very laborious transition that is very much needed each time you change colour. But then, as it sometimes happens, the unpredictability of the distribution of colour meant that i wanted to choose it more deliberately.

What? So what? Now what?

In the reflective style of working that the above heading suggests, i needed a way to organize my colours. Initially, i was ready to make a whole see through yarn holder zip-able giant bag based on my own design. Then i received some vouchers for a hobby supply store.

The exact one where i have bought loads and loads of boxes in the past, to organize various parts of my home and work life.

After some deliberation and choosing the most suitable item, i have found it! The square dividers to fit into a standard sized box, which are, near exactly the size to fit a 100g ball. And the results?

See for yourself:

Thank You for reading!

I am looking forward to hearing from you, as well as finding out about your very own craft organization types…


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