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As we all know, end of the year is nearing. This usually means a lot of reflection on my creative year, as well as work year, and all other things that were there for the year. So how about, then, the year 2022?!

With this in mind, it is a good place to reflect here, and validate, and explain, and share experiences.

Start with the most colourful:

For those of you who have been following, this will be no surprise. I do have an announcement to make here, which again, for my @instagram followers is no news now, but it is nice to give this a proper space, and a send off! I have finally finished #4 #rainbowblanket.

The blanket is finished! My favourite part, as always, was taking it out into the wild. There are five videos, one of which is featured below. I love the beach. The blankets before were three. To illustrate, I speak a lot about them in previous posts here:

These are the stories of the four rainbow blankets. I am done for now. After the intense support and work towards finishing these, four is enough.

So, What else happened this year?

I am kind of working my way backwards. The above is the most recent news at time of writing. My year 2022 is about going back out. About taking part in life again. Consequently, it is also about reducing monthly blog posts. Skipping some months, because of everything else being busy. Losing crochet for a little bit, and finally as per usual finding it again.

Unfortunately, my 2022 is about transition and struggle. In the end, coming through hard times. Listening to what my soul needed more often than before. As well as, having amazing impromptu experiences.

As a result of travelling more again, i discover i might be a secret extravert, and that it was other factors that made me withdraw from society. Enjoying certain types of performing, like singing. Building my confidence as a result of dealing with pain.

After all, i make a decision about future. As a consequence of something totally unexpected.

Today’s post is the last one for at least a while. Feel free to catch up on all of my previous blog post ramblings HERE.

Thank You for reading! <3


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