My creative endeavors have taken on many forms over the years, and here is where I would like to share my creations with you.

Usable Craft is more of a focus of the latest work. Things that can be given as presents and loved by generations are of more value than conceptual art to me and this is mirrored in my work also.

The work has also diversified from purely crochet in different materials to a variety of techniques and themes such as fabric as you can see in the costume making section of the website.

Crochet is almost a forgotten technique which is a real shame. Lot of preconceptions come with it which are not true and I for one would be more than happy to tell anyone who wants to listen.

With almost unlimited selection of yarn – from the classic cotton, wool and synthetic mixes of yarn to the more unusual jute, paper and nylon threads (most of which have been tested in my experiments) anything is possible. And there has been artist proving this all over the world.

The most preferable and acceptable for gift making, however are the more traditional ones. Just imagine presenting someone with a scratchy jute cushion cover…

So they are the ones that you will see appearing in my latest work.

It is not just outdated crochet doilies that can be created with a hook and that is what i would like to emphasize!

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