My creative endeavors have taken on many forms over the years, and here is where I would like to share a selection of my crochet creations with you.  These have been grouped and each piece of work can be usually found individually by searching/ looking them up by BLOG categories.  The categories are also listed in the lists below, which should enable them to be easily located.

Usable Craft has been focal in my work since i started this blog, and the creations page had developed into a different configuration recently, as my work and my process become more obvious to me, and as i narrow crochet into how and why i use it for my own creativity.  Making things that can be given as presents and loved by generations have often been instrumental to my practice, and this page has become the showcase of my crochet creations, and a point of reference in establishing the categories into which these creations seems to have aligned themselves, somewhat naturally.

My creative practice encompasses other methods, like sewing, for instance, but as these are rarer examples, and have already been included in some pages of this website, they are listed in the bottom together with some university archive work and other hopefully useful bits of information.

With an increasingly varied and newly discovered selection of yarn – from the classic cotton, wool and synthetic mixes of yarn to the more unusual jute, paper and nylon threads, crochet creations can be equally varied.  In the work i choose to make, and for the reasons given above, i tend to choose bright colours and soft materials, glitter yarn if i have a project which requires such extras, cotton or acrylics in double knit (DK) weight.

So, now you know the information behind the creations, click on each image below to read more:


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