Crochet is a very tactile process and as such, i go through stages inspired to make things to wear myself. By this i mean actual formal garments, not the way you can wear a crochet blanket as a cape if the conditions have aligned perfectly… 🙂

So i have made a crochet jumper before (HERE), written a pattern for a crochet strappy top (HERE) and i seem to never to be able to stop making crochet hats (HERE) and knitted hats also (sample HERE), since i have discovered knitting in the round (circular knitting).

There is not much more to say to introduce this section, the items speak for themselves, and there is a way to find them all in my different BLOG posts about each one by searching WEARABLES category HERE.

There are patterns i have written for a bavarian crochet style hats available from my RAVELRY page here, where you can browse a PIXIE HAT as well, for example, not pictured below.

I have taken part in the Big Knit project in 2014 by contributing to this great cause by crocheting some mini hats (pictured above). You can read more about it HERE, as well as read the blog updates HERE and HERE. The pattern for these, should you wish to make some more yourselves to satisfy any mini hats needs you may have, can be downloaded HERE or in the footer lists on this website. Have Fun!


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