spirited sweater

Short but sweet, this one, but i really DO want to show off this creation:

Can everyone please appreciate my modelling moves as well…

Well, what can i say – the rationale for making this jumper was to create something rainbow that i can actually wear…  Because i have been looking at Instagram and just generally looking at pictures of crochet and jumpers and thanks to @bohemianstyle_crochet and their Instagram inspiration, i started convincing myself i do indeed need to make myself a jumper out of crochet (considering how much crochet items i make and how much i love wearing jumpers by others), because otherwise – well the universe may mis-align and then that is not something any of us will like to have experienced any day soon…

Pattern choice was easy, as i have already written a pattern for the use of this particular stitch, or my version of it, and you can get the starting pattern for the vest top in this style HERE


i wanted a jumper.  so i completed the two main parts, and off i went putting them together and making it up as i went along…  i find that is the amazing quality of crochet, that you can do that, and it is also very much matched with my natural state of how i create things, developing organically from just working with the materials that i choose the best way i find to work with them at the time…  Feel free to read my ARTIST STATEMENT from years ago, it has not changed that much, seemingly…

And after less than a month, in the winter evenings listening to the TV (crocheters and knitters will know what i meant there), it is done!

And i am pleased with it.  The purple lilac hem even has sparkles in it…  i was quite impressed to get a glittery cotton yarn..

Thank You for reading, and hope you enjoy your next project!


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