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So, another project finished, it is time to share the story of the rainbow blanket.  I cannot remember, and refuse to count, how many times i have seen a chevron crochet blanket in the movies…  It is one that these days appears, do i dare venture an opinion, even more often than the very classic of American crochet, the Granny Square Blanket.  I have seen one in many films and because i have used the chevron stitch before, and liked it, i thought, why not….  so i started, a long-ish while ago.

it got to a stage, where it was sat on the side and not much was happening with it, because, when i get annoyed with a pattern, when it becomes faffy and stops filling the exact purpose that it should give me – that of relaxation, i will not do it.  But i must have really wanted to finish it because i tried numerous things to make it work a different way…  the flower squares were going to be an option, but then they became irritating, so in the corner it again went, sitting down, me sulking and working on another project instead.

Then, as you have read (or may do) in the previous post HERE, there has been an epiphany!!!  Granny square AND chevron TOGETHER!!!

Well, i have been unstoppable with it since, and it is now indeed finished…  See the different stages of transformation below in the photos.

Another thought appeared whilst working on this project.  The thought of layers in one’s art/ craft work, and how the process and the product, although they are related by the obvious: ‘Without going through the process there would be no product’ thing, can personify very different things for makers…

There is something to be said about the choice of material and the deeper reasons behind it.  What i mean is, i choose bright colours TO make myself feel brighter whilst i am working on each piece and to keep this for when i look at it after it is finished, to revisit the brightness, to make it reappear.  I do not choose them BECAUSE i feel bright, by any means, which may be a common misconception.  I crochet to help me process stuff, to distract, to keep my mind from running round in loops, to run around instead in loops of yarn…  I do it to help myself, and in that sense, the finished product is almost irrelevant.  It becomes an achievement, something that i made and am proud of, but it is the making of it that is the purpose for me, and i would like the Arts and Creativity to be more about engagement, and for everyone to feel the benefits of creativity….

So, yeah, keep going and enjoy the crafting as much as the thought of the finished product, in fact, don’t worry about what the final product will look like, just keep going, and enjoying what you are doing, and it will all be alright… 🙂


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