Crochet blankets, as i have said on many an occasion in my BLOG, are everywhere. They are present in many TV shows as part of the scenery as you can see HERE. They are versatile, they are not too hot, nor too cold, so they are suitable for any weather, and i have gotten used to them as a way of working out my crochet stitches related dilemmas. Crochet blankets are so airy, they seem to be just right for anything i need them for.

I used them as a way of give purpose to multiple component items i have made in the past that were just sitting in my craft room, starting with the Family Tree to Family Treasure project (HERE), continuing through Daisy Chain crochet blanket project (HERE) and Cotton Squares crochet blanket (HERE).

I have used them many times to help me work through stitches that i was unsure of, like the Chevron crochet blanket (HERE), Bavarian circle blanket (HERE) Star circle blanket (HERE), and Galaxy stardust universe crochet blanket (HERE).

Why crochet blankets?

Sometimes they are a way of introducing colour and warmth and a space to ponder thoughts whilst engaging in something enjoyable. Other times they are just something to do or using up leftover yarn and to keep warm during winter months.

I have bought crochet blankets that are not mine, and made blankets that are not crochet, blankets, in general have often got a positive influence on my day. They are so versatile, and easy to use, and they can change the look/ feel of a room without making a lot of other major changes. So i honor them because i know their value for me.

Here is a selection of some of the most recent ones, and if you want to find the stories of the ones not linked above, you can see them under the BLANKETS category of my blog HERE.

Baby Blankets

Over the years, as well as my giant crochet blankets pictured above, i have made some smaller baby blankets (sample HERE) for friends and family, which i have given away, but perhaps, as they are a different type of process, much quicker and smaller in size, always made for an intended person/ couple/ baby on the way, let’s celebrate these separately in a gallery specially dedicated to this part of my blanket endeavours.

More of my creative work can be found in my ARCHIVE WORK. If you are particularly interested in the first few blankets that i made, see these HERE for crochet lace and HERE for bavarian homeware, or click the images below respectively.

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