Crochet is fun. For me. And for others. So is Art. Art heals. Art helps. Art is important in many ways. Art and creativity have a role in our health. The benefits of crochet for me are discussed monthly in my BLOG: from relaxation brought on by a simple repetitive action, through making simple and easy decisions, to finishing something we can be proud of, and give to others. My Crochet WORKSHOPS page tells you all about my journey with crochet.

You can also find some fabulous book recommendations for books that concern themselves with the science of the craft and how it influences the brain to cause this relaxation to happen on my RESOURCES page. And if you would like to see most recent NEWS & EVENTS about my own creative practice, exhibitions and such like, click HERE to see these listed on my page, or browse through my blog EVENTS category HERE.

See below the list of projects completed since i gratuated my BA Hons Visual Arts at Salford University.


2020 -2021

Facilitating a weekly Arts for Wellbeing session at a local mental health unit

As part of my current job role, i am facilitating a weekly creative art session supported by volunteers and other staff members, at an Adult acute mental health hospital in Greater Manchester. These are aimed at relaxation, and meaningful engagement facilitated away from busy wards, alleviating boredom, as identified by patients in the past.

2016 – 2019

Various projects at Young People’s Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)

Various projects were completed with young people on a secure hospital ward as a part of evidence based engagement in activities to reduce boredom for young people struggling with complex mental health difficulties.

The artwork collected is in itself a form of feedback on how well young people develop their artistic skills, project planning and focussing on completing a piece of artwork.  Providing activities has proved effective to counter restlessness/ boredom in the evening hours/ during weekends within hospital environment, thus reducing the number of incidents of self-harm and/ or aggression towards peers.




Trafford Point weekly activities group for clients in supported living

Clients were supported to enter into a company-wide competition, entering entries for the calendar selection.  Others have developed friendships within the class which have carried on developing to extend their relationships circles. 

The art class becoming a part of the regular routine of clients have served as an indicator of enjoyment and willingness to continue with engagement. 

The body of work of some of the clients have grown considerably since joining the class and this has been supported both within and outside of the attendance to the weekly sessions.

Prospective Values of Crochet for Managing Hallucinations and Social Isolation amongst Adults with Schizophrenia

This 8 (eight) week pilot project delivered at a mental health ward, engaging patients in mindful crochet practice was delivered as part of my dissertation, organized and approved by both the university and the hospital to be delivered safely. Overall feedback collected by both the workshop facilitator and the recovery and inclusion worker at Stepping Hill were positive.  Patients engaged with the work to various degree depending on their current mental state and ability, and/ or willingness to participate. 


The Enhancement of Women’s Self-Concept through Layering Technique as Postmodernist Tactile Crafts

Organizations involved: University of Central Lancashire, Altrincham Open Studios, Pendlebury Refferal Unit, Chorlton High School. Majority of participants have reported to enjoy the involvement in the activity and managed to complete a piece of work for the group part of the exercise.  Most participants were able to engage in the second, individual task and ended up with a finished piece. 

Creative Space Project – Pilot Sessions

Organizations involved: Stockport without Abuse (SWA), Arts for Recovery in the Community (ARC). Overall these 4 weekly sessions have been successful in introducing the participants to the positive effects that engagement in creative activities can facilitate. Participants engaged in the collage making and reported these were of value to them.

Tactile art making sessions at Stepping Hill Hospital, Stockport.

These weekly sessions were delivered in a secure mental health ward, as part of a collaboration between ARC and Stepping Hill, and were delivered by myself and another volunteer, supported by ward staff members.

Interview Room Mural Painting in ED (A&E)

Organizations involved: Stepping Hill Hospital, Accident & Emergency department, Arts for Recovery in the Community (ARC). The participant and the facilitator have approached the painting from two very separate styles of working with creating a mural, one from an over-prepared rigid following of rules, the other from an unprepared, spontaneous approach to working with paint.  By the end of the project each style has been influenced by the other and have become less extreme, more balanced.  The staff at the unit were all reportedly pleased with the outcome of the work. 



The is a brilliant project started a few years ago to help old people keep warm in the winter months…. For Age UK charity to be able to do this they got together with Innocent Drinks makers, particularly Innocent Smoothies and are asking people to knit or crochet a hat for a bottle, and for each hat received 25p will be donated to Age UK for this particular purpose…. CLICK here to find out more details of how The Creative Hook is getting involved and to download a free pattern… 🙂


Family Tree to Family Treasure

Family Tree to Family Treasure was a little project organized to create a crochet blanket as a present for a special birthday where everyone from the family contributed some flowers that were made of fabric or yarn of their choosing. The idea was to create a flower meadow that will never die, which will be visually interesting, but also very useful and warm. Everyone’s contributions were appreciated and the blanket turned out beyond expectations….. READ the FULL STORY HERE


On 30 October 2013 there was a project called MILE OF MICE which came to a close and to which I have contributed my 3 BLIND MICE. People were knitting and crocheting mice to make a mile long ‘string’ of mice to fundraise for one of the Alzheimer’s charities. It was great to be a part of such a fun project.



Through my final year at University of Salford a lot of work has been inspired and created concerning crochet and the family connection between all the female members of the family explored through their crochet work. The cultural background concerning crochet and it’s meaning for people within small and larger communities has been of interest also. EXPLORE the various crochet projects HERE


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