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…when you cannot see forward, to see clearly where you are going; look back at how far you have come…

Suppose I should listen to the things I say to others- listen to my own advice sometimes… I have managed a to submit two pieces of work into the exhibition currently (May 2018) at Arts for Recovery in the Community (Arc) in Reddish, where I have been part of the volunteer team few years back, which made me somewhat reflective.

My memory crochet blanket (LOOK) is displayed so that the tactile quality comes across really well and apparently visitors have been enjoying moving it around, unfolding and folding again to reveal/ discover different parts of it.

It’s a sampler and a collection of all my fave stitches, read HERE about it in more detail. I couldn’t possibly sell it, but i am open to teach anyone the skills needed to get a piece of work such as this together.  Hopefully, it may transpire into a workshop of sorts, watch this space…

The other is my mini baby blanket in my obsession stitch/ go to crochet effect, Bavarian crochet aka Wool Eater. I have talked about this stitch so much, have a browse through my BLOG, HERE and THERE and you will see what I mean…

Take care and Keep Going! Always!


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