i did it!

Some of you will remember my inability to follow patterns without changing and adjusting them – even my own…

Others may remember my strange obsession with making any favoured stitch – or at least attempting to – work in a circular configuration…

And lastly a select few may remember that the struggle to achieve this has not brought any fruitful results as of yet with the BAVARIAN CROCHET STITCH aka the wool eater, one which has become quite popular recently…… To find out more about where i got to so far read about it HERE….

Well….. Hold on to your hats!!!! I HAVE DONE IT!!!

I have finally managed, by hook and by crook make the wool eater eat wool in a circular fashion……

20140812_100214 755pix bccircle

RADICAL! indeed. I have left the struggle ages ago as yet unresolved, almost given up on the possibility to be honest, but then recently someone’s mistake in the pattern sparked up an idea….. Someone was struggling to make the square and in parts of the photo it almost looked circular…. so off i went on a tangent.. Thinking; in a circle as oppose to a square there are no sides or corners, so it must be that all the points are sides… That was my initial thinking….

BUT… the circle also increases….

So Maybe all the points are corners…. But then when it increases too fast it ceases to become a flat circle…. So there has to be a relationship between the way it increases and how you adjust the pattern to accommodate for this…..

20140814_171630 755sm im

And also, what is the best number of central points to make the circle grow naturally how it is supposed to and at the same time look evenly spaced out and round….

These were some of my thought processes when creating the samples above and trying to figure out if and how they would work…..

But i can now very proudly pronounce: “I think I’ve got it!”

There is still a little final adjustment to do and some more samples are needed to determine the exact workings but for now, BAVARIAN CROCHET CIRCLE has become a real possibility! I don’t need to emphasize quite HOW insanely pleased this makes me… It means patterns for hats, pot holders and maybe even round coasters have become achievable…. Keep an eye out for the pattern links HERE but for now, just share the joy of conquering this self inflicted mammoth task with me…


20140815_092025 735blpotholder




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