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New Month, New Abode! Moving a house takes it out of you so apologies for the irregularity of updates… Once again I am able to give undivided attention to crochet and other things creative… As a bit of a reflection, i seemed to have been doing stuff the wrong way round…. I suppose that is the only way we learn, by trial and error.. (or maybe the recent spells of lovely hot summer may have been causing my brain circuits to melt..) anyway here goes:

The craft fair a few weeks ago did not go to plan. Incorrectly judged audience made for a dissapointing afternoon. But then again, i have never done one before, and i was trying to probably do too many things at once. And instead of concentrating on advertising lessons, i set it up as a selling stall, and the lessons became a secondary thing which was confusing…. Something to remember for the future….

The crochet club has been postponed for the moment as the move took all my energy and eventhough i have had people turn up it was far from the roaring success i have been expecting… I am  a dreamer you say?! 🙂 Plus also, the venue was a little dark so not really suitable for straining your eyes as you are trying to concentrate on the intricacies of hooking and looping. In my mind, selecting a good central venue in Timperley and establishing a night suitable for both sides was all that was needed and of course everyone is into crochet as much as i am and will welcome the opportunity to meet up and crochet together…. Well, everyone should be into crochet, IT IS HEALING! 🙂 And calming, and relaxing, and it helps you to cope with any sort of struggle…. I could go on…. See RESOURCES if you are intriqued….


I have not given up on the club idea just yet, and i will be working towards setting a local club once a week for some crochet fun, so if you are reading this and would be inclined to come for a couple of hours a week in the Timperley/South Trafford Area, please send me an EMAIL or fill in the CONTACT FORM and i will notify you as soon as i have collected enough enthusiasts in the area to start one up again……


I am also in a process of setting up a lovely and friendly crochet group on Facebook and Ravelry, so like/follow my profile on the one which you find most dear and i shall be posting updates and inviting any Tammi, Dee and Harriet that i know….

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