Crochet is sooo much fun one can never stop making one thing after another…. I have already discussed the benefits of it from relaxation brought on by the repetitive action through making simple and easy decisions to finishing something we can be proud of on the page that tells you all about Crochet WORKSHOPS organized by The Creative Hook. You can also find some fabulous book recommendations for books that concern themselves with the science of the craft and how it influences the brain to cause this relaxation to happen… More about these can be found in RESOURCES.

However, as much of it being an individual beneficial activity, crochet is also best enjoyed when shared…. I for one try and convert at least one person a week and introduce them to the vast array of goodness that comes from this simple unassuming craft…

The more i look into this the more projects i find taking place all over the country that use the craft as a form of socializing and finding people who have similar interests and are like-minded to bounce your ideas off but also as a way of bettering people’s lives. Crafters all over the UK are discovering or re-discovering the quiet satisfaction of using crochet as a medium to achieve some beautiful results… And also spreading the community spirit whilst connecting with a chain of hookers, stitch by stitch, chain by chain…

The projects page would therefore like to give you an insight of all the projects either undertaken or organized by The Creative Hook. By offering a general summary on this page and a more detailed description of each individual venture on the pages specifically dedicated to each separate project i hope you will get the best of both worlds. You can see at a glance what has been happening and then pick and choose which project is close to your interests and read more in detail about the chosen one.




The is a brilliant project started a few years ago to help old people keep warm in the winter months…. For Age UK charity to be able to do this they got together with Innocent Drinks makers, particularly Innocent Smoothies and are asking people to knit or crochet a hat for a bottle, and for each hat received 25p will be donated to Age UK for this particular purpose…. CLICK the image below to find out more details of how The Creative Hook is getting involved and to download a free pattern… 🙂





Family Tree to Family Treasure

Family Tree to Family Treasure was a little project organized to create a crochet blanket as a present for a special birthday where everyone from the family contributed some flowers that were made of fabric or yarn of their choosing. The idea was to create a flower meadow that will never die, which will be visually interesting, but also very useful and warm. Everyone’s contributions were appreciated and the blanket turned out beyond expectations….. READ the FULL STORY HERE

projects page 735pix family tree




Through my final year at University of Salford a lot of work has been inspired and created concerning crochet and the family connection between all the female members of the family explored through their crochet work. The cultural background concerning crochet and it’s meaning for people within small and larger communities has been of interest also. EXPLORE the various crochet projects HERE

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