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This month’s make turned out to be a very romantic looking (at least i think so) crochet granny square blanket. I always need an easy not thinking (too much at least) project after i finish a big brain burner, like the #utilitarianutopia HERE.

And i had a load of Aran wool i have not used yet – cannot get myself round to using it, not sure why, it seems just too woolly for my taste? (DON’T)…

So off i went! Deciding that i will make squares till the crochet yarn runs out, and then put them together. Whatever way they may fit… Oh and there was a small lacy pattern i have wanted to try for ages! This seemed the perfect opportunity to try the lacy square/s as part of this crochet project. All the initial information there, i got to it and started crocheting.

To square or not to square

Today’s story started in my mind to do with order and how I go on about not matching and making non identical items, in an attempt to be different. I now realize, at one point or another in the process of most of my crochet blanket making, I always want to square them off.

I really wanted to make a very irregular crochet blanket. Using up wool, making them fit even if they are irregularly shaped/ sized. Like i have mentioned before, i LOVE the work of @mercerie. I have used their work as inspiration for an earlier blanket HERE. The work of The Mercerie combines pattern in a way that i aspire to. I wanted to fit together pieces that might not ordinarily fit. In a way, i suppose, i was looking for a challenge even with this seemingly non thinking project.

Unexpected realisation

A different thing was meant to happen, after all. I have discovered my love of order and pattern.


Using up wool is one of my favourite parts of a crochet project. The whole premise of this blanket was to use up bits of wool, and using aran wool which is not my usual choice, so that i can get rid of it and buy more. I am less set on symmetry and matching, than completing a ball of wool. That feeling of completion, finishing, doing something until the end. And having something to show for it!


I covet order and regulation. Rules: as much as I fight against them and break them and try to unpick them, i find knowing boundaries safe. Knowing what is expected, what is allowed, what i can expect to happen. It calms down my ever wild approach to life. When i try to crochet (live) without them, i feel unsettled. 

Featured Artist

Clarina Bezolla comes to mind when i think about my brain trying to constantly make pattern out of chaos. There was an article i read about her work, very long time ago. In it she said something along these lines:

Our brain is compelled to make order out of chaos…

Clarina Bezolla

And this clearly stuck with me. I say this to people in many different situations, in my work and personal life. That is your brain trying to make pattern out of chaos. It is its natural function, this propensity for order. For pattern.


By pattern i mean a regular repetition of shapes and sometimes colours, put together in a way so that small parts repeat at regular intervals.


They are irregular, they may even be non matching in an identical sort of way. But, all the crochet granny squares and crochet lacy squares go together in this make. Becoming part of the same pattern*.


So another part of my crochet blanket work is just that: pattern. This is not something even i was that outwardly aware of until i started making this blanket, and consequently writing this crochet blog post about it.

*A little bit like those people we consider part of our close circle. They are likely as similar as they are different from us. Yet we all go together. In a colourful blanket of relationships.

Pattern for the basic small squares in this blanket is available in my Ravelry store HERE.

Thank You for reading!


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