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How crochet travels! Crochet in the woods. This month’s post is a continuation of my Crochet on the beach story, which you can read in gloriously full detail HERE:

After i took the above blankets to the beach, i wanted to see them in the woods. To see how crochet blankets look in a different location, in a new setting. Maybe, also, to see if crochet in the woods would work at all?!

By the time i organized this trip/ art installation, there was 10 blankets made by me in existence, and with a limited space in the car, i decided to take four (4) which have not been made when YOURS YARNLY was being filmed and photographed.

Pure Fun!

I took them somewhere that happened to have a camping grounds. The GLASS HUB, which happened to be the location of my break alongside his working away week. Thank You, Glass Hub, for inviting me to explore your surroundings. And, Thank You, weather, for providing a day where there was all the sun and bird song and whooshing of water that i could ever need to make my crochet blankets pop. It all made such a perfect backdrop for my crochet creations to shine against!

I brought them with me on the selected day, after seeing some parts of the camp earlier in the week. Without checking it all properly… It was going to be okay… I prepared clothing line and pegs, ready to string them between two trees if needed be…

There was no need.

On the day, i found – as if made for exactly my purpose, a tent/ gazebo WITH sofas, next to a river and and old bucolic farm house(s) with the aforementioned birds signing their little heads off…

It felt as one of those moments, when synchronicity works out and what you find is exactly that which you most needed. Without even really looking too hard… It is given. No strife. I found what i needed, without ever really consciously knowing i was looking for it… Let’s hope something like this happens for more of us more often in all different parts of our lives.

But First:

Four crochet blankets were displayed in four (4) locations within the grounds: one on a rusty bridge, then a grassland, after that the relaxation tent, and then, the riverside. I resulted to recording a lot of videos, to capture the entirety of the experience! Check out my YOUTUBE videos, INSTAGRAM and samples below to get the full experience.

So much fun!

I spent some of the time lying on the floor just watching them and taking it all in. I had people walking past and admiring my work in the usual style:

Unknown Member of public (U): “How much are they?”

Me: “They take months to make, so the cost would need to reflect that” (hinting that they would be more than expected, most likely, and also that i do not particularly want to have that conversation).

Then someone did not walk off slowly when i told them the roundabout price… “Would i make a smaller one?”, he asked. I would, but i did not bring any business cards, so he gave me his card and i emailed him to follow up on his interest. No answer yet, so keep reading for updates.

I did not mind.

My purpose was to have my crochet blankets outside. To photograph, to present here, and to see my selected crochet creations in the glorious sunshine. In a strange way, i did not want to sell them. They are keepers for when comfort is needed, and my plan is to have a crochet infused space – by this i mean a room, or an inside space with crochet covering it top to bottom. So i want to keep these crochet blankets i spend a long time making for the future. For my future.


Do i have an unexpected realisation for this month’s crochet pondering? Cannot think of one. The trip was worth the wait, and it made me want to do more like it. Maybe just the fact that sometimes, even without planning, amazingly wonderful things can happen, ones you may have wished and even in your wildest dreams did not dare to ask for. <3

And the second feature of my monthly ponderings: the crafter i wanted to celebrate, for today, it is YOU! Readers and makers and creative people of any medium, Thank You for being here, reading my blog and inspiring me.

Have fun in your making, and know the value of your work!

Also – Thanks again to the Glass Hub for their welcoming nature!

So, Here is to YOU! And Thank You for reading.


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  1. Lubka krsna says:

    Ahoj Kvetka.
    To sa Ti krásne podarilo. Nádherné.
    Úžasná atmosféra. Z tých videí vyžaruje pokoj, pohoda, a radosť.


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