pixie hat pattern

It may be a little early yet to be thinking of winter hats, but if you are to make one for each member of your family – as i can almost guarantee you will have to because they will love yours so much – you better get cracking…

Following this new pattern you will make a gorgeous medieval looking, Nordic (Scandinavian) style little red riding hood hat… I love it because it has lots of pompoms…. Yours doesn’t need to include any, but the added bonus of it is that if girls want to wear their hair up the small space on the top of the hat offers itself to accommodating your pony tail or a tight bun without pulling back on the hat – which was the problem i have experienced many a time and mostly meant majority of hats bought with the best of intentions end up at the bottom of the wardrobe never to be seen again…. And it will keep your hair warn and therefore more protected from splitting…

The texture is a given..  Why would you have a flat hat if crochet simply invites 3d…. And this pattern is a combination of normal and reverse crochet, so you don’t even need to turn your work….

So…. If you are a RAVELRY RAMBLER get you WINTER HAT PATTERN from The Creative Hook…

hat pattern photo 800pix


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