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A little while ago i had an idea to finally connect my samples, trials and favourite patterns into a rainbow rectangular rug.  It started well.  The idea came to me back in June 2015, after seeing a blanket my nan had made for my cousin.  A basic zig-zag pattern, using double crochet stitch.  It was so very intricate and soft and rectangularly shaped and very inspiring.

Full of enthusiasm, i started off the next time i had my own yarns and hooks at hand.  it started growing, all was well.  then, somewhere along lines, as it can happen with freeform projects, stitch counts on opposite, parallel sides stopped matching.  it was too exctiting at the time still to stop and undo and redo, check and/ or affirm…  so i kept going, with a makeshift adjustment, that seemed to work for a while…  then, after a lot more work has gone into it, which would be even harder to undo on account of there being separate little squares now integrated into the blanket, i finally decided to stretch the blanket flat on the floor to see how close/ far i was from it being finished.

and that is when it happened…  a conflict.  between the way i thought it looked and the way it actually did.  drama then set in.  tantrums and certain feeling of being stuck.  too much done to continue, yet too disparate from the vision to do so…  i have written a post about this being the case, but in the midst of being so very stroppy and unable to look at the poor creation at all, let alone take photos, well….  blog post never got written and the blanket sat in the corner unloved for months to come!!!

Then, something else happened.  Out of nowhere, interest has been reignited, patience overcame petulance and no matter what the final use/ size/ purpose was to be, the determination to finish the project regardless had won!  stitch by stitch, spool by spool, the friendship had been repaired/ restitched.  It was to be a sampler memory blanket after all, and as such it was to serve a purpose.  And the choice of colour, well that just made me happy!

The enormously oversized blanket is now finished and i can proudly present the result.  (Note: i have had to use panorama mode to capture the full size sufficiently.)  It is a full involvement piece of work, including a full range of emotional connections and memories attached to it, from the family connection sparking the original idea, to the use of all my favourite stitches, stitches i have used in my past projects, like the one i used for my final piece that was displayes in my Degree Show all those years ago, baby blankets for friends and family, stitches i have always wanted to try, and colours i adore.  All in the one piece of work!  I LOVE IT!  For all its complexity and unruliness!

It makes me smile, every time it catches my eye!


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  1. Loretta says:

    Fantastic and so so beautiful, the colours and patterns are amazing and very inspiring,
    I think I would smile every time I looked at it Well done and thanks for sharing x

  2. Julie Wright says:

    Wow x that’s gorgeous x i love it x sooo amazingly creative x colour and texture are my passions x love crochet x thank you for sharing that xx

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