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With Winter approaching – even though October and some of November have been quite mild this year – HATS are the word!!

The Innocent big knit is now being prepared, my hats have gone a little while ago and will hopefully make the person who gets to own them smile… Age UK are doing a great job and it seems like there has been a few people getting involved this year again, knitting and crocheting hats for a great cause. And once the bottle of smoothie has been drunk, the size of the hats are brilliant for boiled eggs…. Here are some of the designs that i have sent over to do my bit….

smoothie multiple wip yellow bgrd 735pix

Hats hats and more hats of all shapes and sizes have been on my mind anyway…. Since the Bavarian Crochet Circle break-through, i have been trying and testing and trying again, making and adjusting and polishing the pattern for the best result…. AND i can now quite happily pronounce that the Bavarian Crochet Hat is a real thing!!!

You can see all the individual hats photographed in my FaceBook ALBUM here where you will also find links to all the individual patterns – i have made so many variations, that i have ended up with 3 patterns in the end, instruction given in each on how to make 2 different items… So for some fun and to make sure you are cosy and warm and stylish, check out my RAVELRY pattern store…. Just to temp you a little more…..

20141107_102906 hats 735pix

Last but not least, since i am bringing you up to speed with my antics, there has been another commission for a MemTed, sweet little thing that he turned out to be, and so he rightfully deserves a mention. To read more about Memory Teddies please check my page dedicated to them HERE and to order one DO NOT HESITATE to contact me HERE to quote you on lead times and prices….. Please allow sufficient time for completion, this time of year everything seems to slow down due to the sheer volume of it, so if you are sending baby clothes, this may be delayed also, so your understanding will be much appreciated….

memted cherisse




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