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The small crochet projects for in between

Initially, i was actually considering writing this blog post as a review of the last year. As per usual end of year writing, i was going to compare both the years 2020 and 2021: highs and lows, things learnt, things made, that kind of thing. This here post is, indeed, my last post of 2021, after all…

I wanted to make it punchy! But, instead of a review of 2021, i decided to dedicate the last month of the year to the small, seemingly insignificant crochet projects in between: soap holders, shopping bags, cotton hats, and small squares, always on the go simultaneously, alongside my larger, more significant projects.

These are the fillers, no big news makers. They always bring relaxation, of course. At the same time, they are a non thinking part of my practice. Usually i need something to still occupy my hands after completing a large crochet blanket, and before i am fully ready to start the next one…

Nonetheless, they are AS important! Without them, without giving myself time to process and really fully feel the completion of the big blanket… I am not sure how the next one would work. Don’t rush. Listen to your body. It knows what to do.

Tween Spaces

In between spaces. They are a real thing. They are significant for various people in various cultures and ways of understanding the world.

Personally, i often feel in-between within different categorisations. Let me explain (in a form of a list of occurrences):

  • Like, for example, in the most used star sign horoscope categorisation of ones attributes/ personality/ prospects, which is based on the day you were born: the year i was born, my birthday comes up under a certain birth sign. Standard. But, if you search my birthday date, including my year of birth, the sign is a different one… I am presuming, they have changed it at some point.
  • When we look at Chinese horoscope, the year i was born is assigned to a certain animal. Again, standard. But because the Chinese year does not finish on 31st December like our western calendar, the animal assigned to me by the Chinese end of year dating is actually a different one.

I am thinking, you cannot really conclude your identity based on only such categorisations as these, but it is a good enough demonstration of my point….

Small yet Mighty

So, today, and welcoming the end of the year 2021, let’s give real significance to small projects. Could you possibly, kind readers, if you also make them, send me some images of your filler creations?

Feel free to contact me via any way that is most convenient for you: INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, RAVELRY or FACEBOOK. Or put a comment below, if you so wish..

Making useful items after a big project, small pieces of handmade heavens, is for me just the right way to unwind. I make them to be used daily and to be used with love.  They are simple, finished quickly, monochromatic (one colour usually) and if a big blanket was a marathon, a small bag/ pouch/ hat is the stretching before and after. Extremely important to be able to run again the next time.

Unexpected Connection

I may have mentioned how sewing serves a different purpose for me when compared to crochet. Sewing distracts me from my brain in a very much more focused fashion. There is a lot more planning and time, and boundaries need to be set. What i mean is, when you sew and cut something too small – you cannot add an extra row – like you might be able to do with crochet, to make it fit. Once you made a mistake with sewing, it’s starting again, and cutting another piece out.

Sewing i use to tire my brain out when it is worried/ overwhelmed/ overworked. Like i explained HERE and possible other BLOG posts. Crochet i use a lot more fluently, and non-directively, as most of my other creativity.

This little reminder of sewing practices amongst crochet fillers is here to show off my recent work! I finally conquered oilcloth and the fine points of sewing WATERPROOF items! Big fat YEEY for me!

Dressy, floaty wintery raincoat, here we come! Keep your eyes peeled!

And in a way, sewing them filled my time of worry too. And created items for small little presents for those loved ones i could not visit because of the pandemic travel situation. It created a way of being with them remotely via these small little presents i made for them, whilst thinking about them. <3

Featured artist:

Let’s say Thank You to the lady who helped me to be able to sew oil cloth, in a form of sharing her lovely helpful youtube video below. So, today, let’s all celebrate madebylucyx.co.uk.

Thank You very much for reading!

Keep well and safe!


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