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Brioche knitted hats.


The story of my personal unravelling.

No, it is definitely not as dramatic as t/hat. When i am learning new stitches, i definitely am a lot less confident with knitting. When it comes to knitting, as well as in crochet, i am usually happy to leave errors in, without undoing them.

Even happier sometimes to leave them than to undo them.

However, the error in this case was too great, and the potential repair in situ too impossible to complete, so the whole thing – half a hat – came undone.

But, before i continue grieving, let me give you a simple clue on how to know which is which. Quick tip for you to know which is which: knitting or crochet? People ask me this question frequently, so here is a little helping tip:

  • Knitting – two Ts in the name – uses TWO needles.
  • Crochet – one T – uses ONE hook.

Okay. Now, let’s resume the hatter story.

Back to Hats

I wanted to challenge myself in terms of hat making. Having made plenty of hats in the past, as described in my HATS HATS HATS post HERE and even more HATS written about HERE, and consequently having got bored with what i knew and tried thus far, i chose brioche hat knitting in the round as my next knitting challenge.

Find HERE a basic YouTube tutorial for a brioche hat in the round. However, i started with a more textured, more taxing patterned one HERE. I even bought some patterns, which as you know i tend not to follow. I was trying to figure out how many stitches to cast on, for the size i wanted to make… Turns out, the answer is not as simple as i was hoping at all..

Finally, after completing some other projects, after preparing and preparing, watching YouTube videos over and over, i was ready to start! Made my hem, then watched the video again.

All good so far!

Video was very informative and helpful, and off i went. In the end i decided to cast on my usual number of stitches…

Took about 5-10 rows of minor mistakes to figure things out properly, but no matter. Keep going. Knitted some more, figured out the pattern. There was decreasing and increasing, but i got the hang of it. I was feeling very pleased with my efforts. Even happy to leave the initial errors in and wear the hat as a badge of my learning experience.


I dropped three stitches, not concentrating, and did not manage to grab them. They run and they run! Down the hat they ran, creating a big hole. Caught some of the stitches clumsily. Just about made up the number of stitches on my needle. However, the hole remained. As a big gaping annoyance. No! I was disappointed. This was not okay. I was gutted, because it was all going so well. But by this point, the colour of my purl yarn had changed also, and i was unsure of this too.

Completed two or more rows in this cloud of despair, then he says – why don’t you just unravel it all and start again?


Some of the pattern wasn’t as regular as i would like, so actually, in this instance, letting go was less painful then holding on.

And here are my efforts of the second attempt at this hat:

And here is the tutorial i used:

Thank You for reading!


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