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Today, for the new year, i am presenting my oldest video work EVER! And whyever not… Happy New Year everyone!

Hopefully you have made it through 2021 with whatever you needed most.

Something happened early last year, and as the consequence of that, this appeared to me: I have not ever uploaded the video compilations from my Visual Art Degree show anywhere at all online!

I know, it happened a very very VERY looooong time ago, but still…. Onto my YouTube channel they consequently went as the result of this realisation! Check my Youtube channel HERE!

Case of video disappearance

I feel very fortunate to be able to show you these videos. They almost didn’t make the upload! I was convinced that they were saved, somewhere safe, and waited and waited to look for them. Then one of the days i was free eventually, after the holiday busyness, i started looking. And so i started looking. I was looking in various places where they could be saved. Nothing. I vaguely remembered deleting them off my external storage, to make room for photos.

But i surely would have saved them somewhere else??

Stressful! But fortunately, as you can see on my YouTube channel above, i found them! Oh what a relief i felt! Enjoy!

May your new year bring you successful searches for that which you are looking for!

Primarily, it had never occurred to me to do this. You can read my ARTIST Statement, HERE and you can click the below to see parts of my Degree Show to read more about them in more detail.

Additionally, January is for me a reflective month. Perhaps even more so than December. There are a few birthdays celebrated in January, in my closest circles. This means there are a number of reasons why i wrote this article. About this particular project from my past crochet projects.

Blast from the past

In fact, it was my first time bringing women together through the craft! Now i know for sure, bringing women together is an integral and absolutely inevitable part of my day to day existence. I did not know this then. My exhibition was showing a sort of family portrait through crochet. All of the women in my immediate family have each crocheted me a piece of which i consequently framed and showed off in my exhibition..

Only women were asked, because only women in my close circle can crochet, as it happens. Additionally, and as it worked out, it was a really good way to highlight women’s work! To show off the beauty and skill these women have, and to showcase it as the art that it truly is.

The side effect became the reason

Nonetheless, it is my first feminist project that was afterwards aware of itself as being ‘lifting women’. Which is how i would classify feminism, for me. Your own personal classification is yours alone, this post is not about that in particular. This post is aimed a little bit more at family connections.

Crochet is everywhere

Simultaneously, in my work as in my everyday life, crochet is entwined with my core being. For instance i have good news – i think about making a blanket. Whenever someone else in my life is expecting a new person arriving, i plan a blanket immediately. In a similar fashion, when i am grateful to people for being kind to me, i plan to make them a hat or a teddy.

I express a lot of feelings through my crochet

And peeps, do i have a lot of big mixed feelings to express! Choosing colours is very much a mood reflection for me. All those bright rainbow colours… Just looking at them makes me feel instantly like i want to smile!

However, Colours are not the theme of this post either, let me reassure you!

The life of the woman i am dedicating this post to feels like a vulnerable subject at the moment. Maybe i am not quite ready to write about all that the feelings that these videos are bringing up for me currently. Maybe for today, we stick to enjoying the memories of making them.

The one very important thing to consider consequentially is that crochet connects. Undoubtedly. Without being confined to time or space.

Crochet connections

To summarise, crochet has been something through my life which has meant a lot to me. It is now an inseparable part of me. And maybe, considering the quality and quantity of my nan’s body of crochet work…. It may have meant the same to her.

I am grateful for being able to still listen to this conversation. I’m glad i remembered it this year. Most importantly, i am glad about posting it on YouTube. It is what artists do, and so i have. After all, i am one. An artist. A creative person. And additionally, i am a Crocheter.

Thank You muchly for reading!


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