There is a reason why i use crochet over any other needle crafts.  I LOVE CROCHET!  It is because it is far less restricting and far more forgiving than some other wool crafts i have dabbled in over the years.

When i crochet, or make anything else for that matter, i have to admit i am not the greatest follower of pattern.

With crochet, you can start any crochet project without as much as a faintest idea of what you want to end up with.  You can start with a plan but change it half way through and still end up with exactly what you wanted. These are only two ways of crochet processes, and i feel this adaptability is what makes it so appealing to me.

So very often, i has started with just a stitch, a pattern i liked and pushed it as far as it would go.  I use repetition, round themes, circles or squares, and the fact that crochet grows in circular fashion makes it very engaging as a major part of my arts health practice.  Generally, i usually test each and every new stitch/technique i learn in the circular configuration.  Read more HERE and HERE about one such effort, stretched over many years.

Another amazing quality of crochet is the fact that it is so tactile. Its ability to grow into three dimensional objects, like the CREATURES i make, and relief like CROCHET LACE is very rewarding for me, as a way of challenging the flat quality that crochet lace ordinarily possesses.

I like to test crochet to it’s limits, and i very often create items without pattern.  You can read a lot more about all the good fights i have thought over the years with various patterns on my BLOG.

Initially, i have written a few patterns down after i have finished some projects – mostly teddy bears when i was starting out, and some basic blankets.  I did this partly so most of you gifted craft makers, who i am convinced are much better at following a pattern than me, can create some of the items that i have made, and partly so i can actually speed up the process for myself and don’t have to remember everything i have ever done every time i start a new project.

Although somewhere along the line i have actually abandoned the pattern writing venture when it became impossible to dedicate the time to it, and concentrated on the parts that i TRULY enjoy, which is the making, there are some patterns available on my RAVELRY page below, and there are always the YOUTUBE videos to help you with some of the tricky bits – by clicking on the images below, you will be able to see all available patterns/ pattern help online.


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