Lemon merinque blanket pattern is READY!!

This week was mostly spent finishing the lemon meringue crochet blanket (Get it?!) so i could therefore finish and publish the pattern… This in turn meant adding a new page, specially dedicated to crochet lace, which you can see HERE. The pattern is ready, and so is the blanket… YAY!

Well, it is ready to a point of being big enough to be photographed for the pattern sample. I may still add some rows, as with crochet, you could easily go on indefinitely – or at least untill you can get yarn to work with – and crochet around your whole house…. There’s an idea… 🙂

Anyway, I am planning another one which will be a pentagon shape (do I need to remind you of my not really following any pattern that well?! not even my own as it turns out…), and will be in a stained glass windows style…

I have recently discovered Stained glass window style crochet and it appeals to me to make something… The way I understand it is that you make your pieces separately and then crochet around them in one colour, usually black, to create a border and I suppose, also to accentuate the pattern….

So the idea for a meringue blanket with black intermittently showing through was born…. So watch this space and of course, as always, a pattern will be ready once i have finished making it….

Have a great weekend and happy hooking! 🙂

lemon meringue lace 800pix 72res

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