spontaneous symmetry

Spontaneous symmetry? Or, as this post should be more accurately called – Arranged Asymmetry. You will see what i mean when you look at the gallery at the end of this post.

Anyway, back to beginning. I have a niece who is four (4) years old. She says: “Auntie crochets things for me” and i love that she now sees me that way. She told me the other day:

“Auntie, thanks for being my auntie and for crocheting things for me.”

My heart melted at this. OF COURSE i will crochet you anything you like, if you ask me to..

So i asked her if she wanted anything else crocheted. She asked for a face mask. Oh dear, that might be a bit of a tricky one to crochet an effectively working facemask. No matter, she is a very imaginative child, and she can play with it, nonetheless.*

*I did underline the face mask with some fabric, so actually, it will work just as well, if not better, than any other facemasks i have made HERE.

“Oh and a snood, please, aunty.” Now we are talking… A snood i CAN do… And i did. I did not actually take a proper photo of it, as i was too eager to send it as soon as it was ready and washed, hoping for it to arrive in time to still be worn this winter.

It did arrive. It did not fit.

The snood was too small for her, and only fits her younger sister.. There was another one made for her younger sister – which only fits a dolly…

I mean, they grow too fast, kids.

This made me think of how creativity and failure works. There is no creativity without failure. No one ever said:

“Well that went well, let’s do it differently next time.”

So to come up with creative solutions, we need to fail at some point. Does having a creative job – having to be creative in your all day, every day routine make you less or more likely to embrace failures? Discuss…

But anyway, i digress.

I rushed to make another snood, after more careful exchanges of measurements of heads and snoods and working out the maths and testing out the stretching. Why i am talking about snoods in May? Because the second one made will most likely be worn next winter now… But also, there may actually be some frost in May, so i am not entirely out of the loop.

And then, a friend asked me if i did commissions. She had lost a glove and decided to have replacement fingerless gloves made by a creative person rather than ordering a factory made online. How lovely that she thought of me!

Craft Swapping venture began.

Penny (Read Penny’s BLOG beautifully written HERE) is an inspirational visual artist and arts health practitioner too. I have met Penny when volunteering myself, a very very very long time ago. She also makes hula hoops, which was something i never thought i could do, but always wanted to try. So we talked and we decided to swap crafts.

See PENNY’s HULA HOOPS which are custom made and brilliant!

New directions for future posts:

I have decided, from this month onwards, to include another creative person who is and has been my inspiration for my own creative practice. In a way, i forget so many of them, that it would be nice to have some record to go back to.

May is for Penny!

Thank You for reading!


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