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I have been meaning to write a post about feminism and where my own particular type of crochet wooliness stands in terms of women and equality.  It has not been coming easy…  Still isn’t.  There is too much to talk about and no clear idea of how to put the complexity into punchy blog post…  Today, however, instead of writing nothing because i am not yet sure how, i would like to say to each and every woman:

Thank You to all the women in my life, that made me and make my life better by being part of it!

In terms of crochet being a female craft, stereo-typically female, but also celebratory female, there are exceptions.  My feelings are very much mixed about this…  I am pleased yet slightly saddened by how crochet world reacts when crochet is used by male artists.

There are young boys online who have found their niche in crochet and stand out because this is a female craft, and i support them fully.  The more people crochet (or use another form of craft for their various benefits), the better the world may be, or at least in my opinion…

However, there has got to be hundreds of girls who also crochet as well as these boys without not as much recognition, if any.

So, to the girls who crochet, to the girls who craft, to the girls who run and paint and play dodge ball, to the girls who are athletes in any discipline, to the girls who do sport, to the girls who do protests against climate change, to all the girls in the world I would like to wish for this and all the next international women’s days:

“Keep Strong! You’ve Got This! We Believe in You!”

Small changes and incremental improvements in some things can sometimes mean that the things which have not yet changed are still accepted as the way things are naturally…  Maybe the best way to present feminism, and to live equality, is to start with yourself.  Question.  Critically evaluate information given to you via any means, whether it be a film/ song/ play/ book or a TV show.  Empathy.  How does this teach the next generations to be, what is acceptable behaviour towards another being?  How are the actions of others making me feel?  How are my actions making other people feel?  Emotional Intelligence.  Compassion.  Inclusion.  We do not know how others feel, and the best way to find out is by asking them.  Education.  Community.

I will leave you now with one of my favourite feminism inspiring quotes:






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