cotton conquest…

With the garden arty done with, i would like to let you know about my most recent obsession…. it has been conquering cotton squares and in the process learning about stitches and how the three dimensional stitches i so prefer work in different configurations…. why cotton? i frankly do not know….

One way or other, cotton has never before been a material of my choice…. affordable colourful double knit has been fine so far…. BUT… I have required some cotton yarn a while ago and slowly but surely, as it sat on the shelf unused, it was sending me little subliminal messages…. Now i am officially hooked on cotton…. It is very good for making square samples, it is easy to work with and durable and so very usable with cotton lending itself to any use from a face cloth to a child’s comforter…

Experiment is an enormous part of my work and it is the best way to learn also, so there really was no escape from it… I have been considering what to do with them, but i think most likely i will just list them in my etsy shop and see if people like them as much as i do….

If you would like to see more detailed photos of them check out my FB ALBUM and if you are after a pattern for any of those, please CONTACT ME and i will let you know as soon as the tutorials have been completed for them…

cotton squares 800px (1)

cotton squares 800px (2)

cotton squares 800px (3)



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