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Ever since I was little, like so many children I have loved teddy bears. When I started getting involved with craft and once my elders trusted me with a needle, I have copied a pattern from a favourite teddy of my sisters and made number of different coloured bears for presents… They were miniature bears made from faux fur, and i still remember how much fun i had making them. I was about 12 then, and here I am at nearly 20 years later, still thinking about making teddy bears. The process has changed, but the comfort of a teddy bear seems to remain.

The child inside me (and dare I say inside of us all) still wants what they feel they are due, a lovely snugly teddy… SO!! The grown woman inside me is working very intensely on developing my own patterns so I can bring some of the above to us all sometime soon…

This post is dedicated to the crochet bears only, as they have a special place in my body of work. Here you can find a brief description of each bear, their name and characteristics, in chronological order as they were born, so the latest ones are at the bottom… Happy reading and if you would like to see some more crochet creatures, crochet beasts and amigurumi crochet beings have a look HERE

On 30 October 2013, Bernard Crochet, the crochet bear was born. Bernard is the oldest and therefore the largest of the bears so far. He likes to have fun but also feels a great responsibility for his younger siblings….

bernard01 625pix

The second in the family, born on Christmas Eve, 24 December 2013, Bromulus Crochet was born. Bromulus is a joyous child and likes to entertain the family. He is like a little ray of sunshine and always has a silly joke in hand to make us laugh.

bromulus01 625pix

The latest addition to date, Billy Crochet, was born on the 9 April 2014 and has been welcome by the brothers as a peace keeper. Billy is very calm and chillaxed and is very often in charge of sorting out any minor spats that the other brothers may create. Billy was made as a copy of Bromulus in regards to size and a more refined pattern.

billy02 625pix

If you have any questions regarding the bears or would like to commission one in your own colour scheme, please do not hesitate to CONTACT ME and i will do my best to meet your bear necessities.. 🙂


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