existential entities

I got a little disillusioned with the whole website business thing few years back. My website was built really well initially, then nothing was updated for ages.. Years even. I even stopped crocheting for a little while, as it became painfully stressful, and i became unable to craft for some time.

Slowly, however, eventually, i got back to crochet, and slowly i’ve started recording more and more blog posts. The more i write, the more i seem to know what my work actually is, and these realisations lead me to restructure THE WHOLE website to reflect this.

I’ve shaken it all about!  

The recent decision for a monthly blog post seems to have so far been a suitable one. May’s blog post – this one You are reading – comes with a BIG announcement of THECREATIVEHOOK.COM having had a overhaul which should now reflect my most recent work and processes that are in use for when i create crochet BLANKETS, crochet CREATURES or WEARABLE crochet items.

Today, i would also like to introduce to you three amigurumi animals that have been waiting for me to restructure the website in order to arrive with a bang!

The duck, the mouse and the dodo bird.

There may be a story about their adventures? It was a bit of an unusual development in that my planning included amigurumi crochet bears to be stars of the show in connection with the new website reorganization announcement. But these three beauteous beings came to me instead.

Usually, i don’t use patterns, (if you are a first time reader, there is a pattern of non compliance with crochet patterns characteristic of my work), they are merely a guideline. I have learnt enough about sculpting different creatures as part of my gift making for friends, see examples HERE and HERE, so that it is now not necessary for me to search for a pattern when i have an amigurumi project in mind.

Initially the idea was to write these down so that others could use them, and i did write some down: STEWIE and TEDDY, but as my work developed, pattern writing is what keeps me more stressed than relaxed, which is the opposite effect to what is desirable when engaging in crochet crafting process. At least for me.

I love making blankets and big crochet pieces.

However, every now and again, when i can think of just the right recipient for a crochet mini animal, i make it. As a way of choosing a project that can be finished quickly, perhaps as a way of not having to think too much about what the next move should be, or as a way of not having to think at all. The style i make are always brainy bunch, with big heads and tiny bodies, which works for me and makes me quite proud when this cuteness or that arrives into the world.

Amigurumi animals are not an everyday thing for me to choose to make, though. I make them when i know they will find a home once finished. There is no incentive in me making something toy like for the crochet animal only to sit in my spare room waiting to find a home.

Plus, i am not one for stopping and starting a project, which is characteristic of making amigurumi animals in small sections, limb by limb. It mostly works better for me to be able to habituate stitches, repeat them in a sort of an endless rhythm, losing myself in time and space.

Every so often, however, and as i have said above, when there is a recipient in mind, amigurumi crochet is the crochet technique i reach out for/ to.

So here are the three latest ones, for my three nieces, each animal corresponding to their names (it works in their native tongue), bringing you all the new and updated website to browse through.

But not before You have ooohed and aaahed over how sweet these three are:

And just for fun, whilst we are talking about crochet toy type things…

Watch this video of a mini BAVARIAN CROCHET STELLATED OCTAHEDRON and see more of its bigger counterpart and what became of it HERE.


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  1. kasa says:

    ooow, how beautiful they are♥️

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