crochet flowers

Kvet-oslava means Celebration of Flowers:

Kvet = Flower & Oslava = Celebration

This is the reason why Flowers have a rightful place as a chapter header of my website. I have always loved flowers (as I suppose most women do) and one of my life-long dreams is to have my own beautiful enchanting and fragrant Flower Garden. I will have a real one eventually, but for now the handmade flower garden variety is one of the paths down which I like to take my creative self.

Crochet Flowers are also quite naturally one of the quick smile makers. They are easy, quick, portable and have got various uses and applications depending on what sort of yarn you have chosen and what sort of crochet hook you are using. They are a great center of a granny square, will work wonders to decorate an otherwise plain crochet baby blanket as well as stand alone and beautify any garment attached to a brooch fitting.

They are pretty and use up all the leftover yarn to make some room which can be easily filled with some fabulous new crochet yarn! They are fun to make also so you feel like you got the best out of your time crocheting too.

There is a myriad of books which you can buy that show you how to crochet gorgeous and amazing flowers from easy to the very complicated. The two crochet flower patterns, however, that i have written and are available in my RAVELRY shop are Bavarian Crochet Flowers and Flower Pattern from nan.


If you have read about my battle of trying to force the wool eater to work around a circle HERE, you will know that the idea have naturally developed whilst experimenting with the technique. It appears in numerous pages on the creative hook website, and it is a very tactile and fruitful crochet stitch that this adaptation was bound to happen.

There is 5 different variation of the flower that i have included in the PATTERN, but the possibilities are endless.  Have Fun!


i consider this crochet flower pattern and this Crochet Flower motive in general to be a sort of family connection, a family heirloom of sorts, if you will. It was flowers like these that I was given as a contribution towards my Family Portrait through Crochet project which was big part of my Degree Show.. It these crochet flower motives i have copied and re-copied vast number of times matching the yarn used in the family portrait pieces. i have then saved them for years and then re-sued them for my Family Tree to Family Treasure Blanket project; and it was this crochet flower pattern that i decided to write down after my Grandma has sent me some more of them recently, and i am told she is still making them…

And it is also THESE EXACT crochet flowers that i am now making from double knit wool of all shades under the sun to be used as coasters…

If you would like to join in with the flower madness, get your pattern HERE and help the crochet flowers population grow… 🙂


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