crochet help

Listening to people’s feedback, I have written a help document, which you can download PDF from the following link: VISUAL AID which describes four of the basic Crochet stitches and shows you how all the variations of the stitch look when completed…. Not only that, but they have actually been crochet in the letters that stand for the shortcut of the particular stitch, so the hope is that it will also serve as a visual aid….

Visual Aid for WEB

I have also uploaded a number of videos into my YOUTUBE channel which you will hopefully find helpful. You can also see more presentations illustrating a number of products created in each range on the above channel in a form of image slideshow.

Tutorials concerning BAVARIAN CROCHET, CROCHET LACE are also available from the relevant pages on this website.

  • This is a little video which helps you finish of any corner on a Bavarian crochet bunting/square piece – i have found this to be the best way to finish them to keep in with the general solid quality of the pattern. This way of finishing the square, or the top of the triangle makes it easier to use the backwards double crochet as a form of hem which is very effective:

  • Short and sweet, well i hope, this video shows you how to start a new row when working Bavarian crochet stitch, whether it is a triangle or a square you are working on:




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