colour injection

This week i have managed to finish the next pattern in the long line of Fluffy meringue crochet lace items created by The Creative Hook… The title is a bit of a mouthful though…. Are you ready?

Rainbow fluffy meringue stained glass crochet pentagonal sleeveless top. aka Colour injection

It is rainbow because it has bright rainbow colours in it, it is very fluffy because of the pattern and i have added some extra fluffiness by increasing the size of the picot stitch, and stained glass crochet was something i wanted to try for a while, so i have added the black to intersperse the colours and to make them stand out more and bob’s your uncle… Plus stained glass does as a theme appear in our household and is close to our hearts… 🙂 I have been working with it these last few weeks and there is a pattern for a blanket still in the making, but the idea to make it into a top just presented itself…

The pentagon seems to lend itself naturally to the shape of a garment, i have even thought of making it somehow into a skirt…. tried this morning and i have a little more work to do on that, as that did not turn out so well…. BUT… there is an option to turn the sleeveless top into a jumper by adding two more of the pentagon as sleeves, so WATCH THIS SPACE…

Well with the fair coming up this weekend, i have been busy getting everything organized and i was not sure the pattern would see the light of day, so very happy introducing it to you today.

GET YOUR PATTERN BELOW by clicking either of the images and make yourself one too…. 🙂

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